The below listing contains references to STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD family members (or children born to family members) born before 1930 in California.

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 Last Name              First Name      Middle Name     Birth Date    Birth County       Sex      Mother's Maiden 
 DAROZA                 ROBERT          ANTHONY         05/05/1928    SACRAMENTO         MALE     STINCHFIELD
 HALL                   CAROLYN         MINTA           12/12/1926    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   STANCHFIELD
 HILL                   MILDRED         LOUISE          03/03/1905    COLUSA             FEMALE   STINCHFIELD
 MORRIS                 LILLIAN         MAY             02/02/1925    MONTEREY           FEMALE   STINCHFIELD
 MULDOON                COLLEEN                         01/01/1927    COLUSA             FEMALE   STINCHFIELD
 MULDOON                DENNIS		                05/04/1925    COLUSA             MALE     STNICHFIELD
 MULDOON                MARY	        ANN	        10/12/1928    COLUSA             FEMALE   STENCHFIELD
 PADGETT                BRUCE           COLFAX          11/11/1926    LOS ANGELES        MALE     STINCHFIELD
 RATONI                                                 12/12/1927    SACRAMENTO         FEMALE   STINCHFIELD
 RATONI                 ANTOINETTE      JANE            11/11/1929    SACRAMENTO         FEMALE   STINCHFIELD
 RATONI                 FRANK                           12/12/1925    SACRAMENTO         MALE     STINCHFIELD
 ROGERS                 LAWRENCE                        02/02/1925    LOS ANGELES        MALE     STANCHFIELD
 ROGERS                 NANCY                           04/04/1928    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   STANCHFIELD
 STANCHFIELD                                            08/08/1908    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   CAPERRO    
 STANCHFIELD            BETTY           LOUISE          08/08/1929    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   GIBSON      
 STANCHFIELD            DONALD                          09/09/1920    LOS ANGELES        MALE     ZEHNER     
 STANCHFIELD            DUANE                           10/10/1917    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   ZEHNER     
 STANCHFIELD            JAMES           H               07/07/1922    LOS ANGELES        MALE     HARVEY     
 STANCHFIELD            LEE             WAYNE           10/10/1927    LOS ANGELES        MALE     KERNS      
 STANCHFIELD            LOIS            L               06/06/1921    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   HAMPTON    
 STANCHFIELD            LOREN           D               05/05/1923    LOS ANGELES        MALE     HAMPTON    
 STANCHFIELD            MARK            L               12/12/1915    LOS ANGELES        MALE     ZEHNER     
 STANCHFIELD            ORVILLE         W               07/07/1914    SAN FRANCISCO      MALE     WALTER     
 STANCHFIELD            RALPH           O               10/10/1907    SAN FRANCISCO      MALE     AUGUR      
 STANCHFIELD            WALTER          H               07/07/1919    LOS ANGELES        MALE     MAYER      
 STINCHFIELD                                            04/04/1917    COLUSA             MALE     GEER       
 STINCHFIELD                                            06/06/1918    SAN FRANCISCO      MALE     STINCHFIELD   
 STINCHFIELD            BETTY           V               04/04/1919    RIVERSIDE          FEMALE   WHEELER    
 STINCHFIELD            CASSIE          J               02/02/1921    RIVERSIDE          FEMALE   WHEELER    
 STINCHFIELD            DANA            W               01/01/1913    RIVERSIDE          MALE     WHEELER    
 STINCHFIELD            ELMER           L               01/01/1912    RIVERSIDE          MALE     ATKINS     
 STINCHFIELD            GLORIA          MARGARET        05/05/1925    SAN LUIS OBISPO    FEMALE   WILSON     
 STINCHFIELD            JANETTE         ANNHAVELOCK     04/04/1929    LOS ANGELES        FEMALE   LOW        
 STINCHFIELD            JENNIE          FRANCES         02/02/1928    SAN LUIS OBISPO    FEMALE   WILSON     
 STINCHFIELD            PHILLIP         R               06/06/1923    CONTRA COSTA       MALE     ESTERLIN   
 STINCHFIELD            RAMONA          MAY             03/03/1925    CONTRA COSTA       FEMALE   LIN        
 STINCHFIELD            ROBERT          F               07/07/1907    PLACER             MALE     LAMBIRTH   
 STINCHFIELD            VELDA           M               12/12/1909    ORANGE             FEMALE   GOODSPEE   
 WALKER                 VIOLET          LEOLA           11/11/1925    ORANGE             FEMALE   STINCHFIELD

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