1905 Minneapolis City Directory - STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD

This page lists the 1905 Minneapolis, Minnesota city directory listings for the STINCHFIELD and STANCHFIELD surnames from Davison's Minneapolis City Directory 1915 (vol XLII) Minneapolis Directory Co: Minneapolis 1915. Pages 1893-94 and 1913.

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Name Occupation Residence
Stanchfield, Aeye lab b 743 NE Washington
Stanchfield, Albert teamster Glass-Hilton Lumber Co. b 23 E 26th
Stanchfield, Archer clk Andrews & Gage b 709 Madison
Stanchfield, Arthur W. b 1622 N 2nd
Stanchfield, Beatrice A bkbndr Kimball & Storer Co b 1622 2nd av N
Stanchfield, Benjamin pipeman Chemical Co. r 508 James av N
Stanchfield, Daniel r flat 3 48 Eastman dr.
Stanchfield, Edgar L. scaler Surveyor General r 10 e 37th
Stanchfield, Mrs. Effie E seams rms 609 E 15th.
Stanchfield, Elizabeth folder b 1622 n 2nd
Stanchfield, Eugene M installer TCR T Co r 107 s 13th
Stanchfield, Flint clk Nicholls & Taylor b 709 Madison
Stanchfield, Florence clk NW Knittng Co b 901 11th A n
Stanchfield, Florence M bkpr St. Barnabas Hospital b same.
Stanchfield, Frank C. supt leather dept WS Nott Co r4 e 37th.
Stanchfield, Frank S. fitter r 1622 n 2nd
Stanchfield, Frank S. jr bartndr JA Seibel b 1622 n 2nd
Stanchfield, Hannah C b 3728 Nicollet av
Stanchfield, Herbert L clk Nott Fire Engine Co r flat 3 48 Eastman av
Stanchfield, H Calista r 3728 Nicollet av
Stanchfield, Joseph R scaler CA Smith Lbr co b 3728 Nicolet av
Stanchfield, Josiah R r 3728 Nicollet av
Stanchfield, Lewis F. lab r 709 Madison
Stanchfield, Lillian seams Minnie St. John b 95 Elm
Stanchfield, Lois H tchr Everett schol b 402 SE 6th
Stanchfield, Louis F sawyer BF Nelson & Sons Co. r 709 E Madison
Stanchfield, Lyman L fuel broker 507 Boston r 95 Elm
Stanchfield, Merton photo engr Mlps Times r 906 Laurel Av
Stanchfield, Moses B r flat 2 614 W Lake
Stanchfield, Oliver A carp r 901 11th av N
Stanchfield, Persis (wid Joel) demonstrator r 23 e 26th
Stanchfield, Ray M stenogr b 2014 Polk
Stanchfield, Roy P harnessmkr Dodson, Fisher Brockmann Co r 1623 n 6th
Stanchfield, Ruby M b 95 Elm
Stanchfield, Samuel lab Produce Refrigerating Co r 1622 n 2nd
Stanchfield, Samuel C supt Camden Pl Postoffice r 2724 N 4th
Stanchfield, Verla I clk PF Collier & Son b 901 11th Av N
Stanchfield, Walter E expman 2014 Polk r same
Stanchfield, Wm I clk PO r flat 6 605 s 9th.
Stinchfield, Fred P carrier RFD r Robbinsdale
Stinchfield, F Roscoe student r Robinsdale
Stinchfield, Mark student U of M b 1403 se 4th
Stinchfield, Minnie student U of M rms 1221 SE 5th

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