The people of Tingewick, Buckinghamshire (England)

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New-style Families Index

As some of you know, I've been unable to update the Index of Names since the end of 2007. The program I wrote to create the pages pre-dated Windows, and I now use an iMac. I struggled to find a genealogy program that suited me, and have finally settled on iFamily for Mac. It includes a good, adaptable page generator BUT will only produce them for one 'family'. I eventually hit on the notion of creating a single super-ancestor (called, not surprisingly perhaps) Tingewick. I have finally finished connecting all 18,000 people in my database to this one imaginary person and have uploaded the results here. Of course, I am now finding a host of discrepancies which will take me another half-lifetime to fix: meanwhile I haven't added the 1911 census returns ... and so it goes on. Hopefully, though, the extra (and updated!) information on the new pages will make up for the rather clumsy index and linkage back to the main Tingewick site. As always, if you see any errors/omissions, please do let me know so I can correct. Meanwhile - enjoy!

'Tingewick to Tioga'

Some years ago, three of us (Jan Anderson, Mary Robare and I) collaborated on a book about several Tingewick families (primarily Holtons) who emigrated in the second half of the 19th century to Tioga in Pennsylvania. I have to say I'm rather proud of the result. There are now very few copies left - more about the book here - this may well be the last chance you have to acquire one.

For more information, please contact Jan Anderson

Tingewick Historical Society - re-issue of Bygone Tingewick series

In the 1970s, 80s and 90s members of the Tingewick Historical Society produced four books on Tingewick's history. These books are now available again for £2 per book plus postage and packing. The contents of each book are listed here. To obtain copies please contact Sara Churchfield or Ruth Roy

Tingewick Historical Society - Great War Project

To commemorate the centenary of the start of The Great War members of Tingewick Historical Society have been researching Tingewick's WW1 soldiers who are named on our village war memorials. We have now published a book telling the stories of the twenty two soldiers and copies can be obtained from Ruth Roy or Lorraine Carter price £3 50 plus £1 UK postage.
Over one hundred and forty Tingewick men fought in The Great War and we will be researching their stories over the next few years. We would be pleased to hear from any descendants of those men - if you have any information or photographs please contact Ruth or Lorraine.

I really appreciate all the stories and photos I'm sent to add to the website. Alas, it often takes much longer than I'd like to get them onto the site, but I do get there eventually. I have at least now resolved my problems with running PAF on an iMac so am starting to tackle a huge backlog of mail - feel free to send me a reminder if you have been waiting more than a few months! If you have sent a story or your details for inclusion in the Descendants/Researchers section, please check them and let me know if I've made mistakes - they do happen sometimes I'm afraid. And if you haven't sent anything yet ... why not? This site is only improving and expanding because of all the help and contributions from everyone else.

Do check out the What's New list.

About this site

People ask me why I run this site just to help other people. The first answer is - I enjoy it. The second answer is - you never know what unexpected connections you might make. But mostly it's because of The Man From Penketh

While researching my daughter's ancestry, I became fascinated by the movement of ordinary people through the parish of Tingewick and accumulated quantities of transcripts and notes about them. I have been piecing them together into family trees: however, it is vital to realise that these will be full of errors, having been transcribed on paper from microfilm or original register or from information sent by other researchers: then transferred to computer as source transcripts, then finally built into families on the database.

It's more than twenty years since I started this site. Since then I've heard from so many really interesting people. I've had fascinating contributions to all the sections especially photos, wills and family stories as well as links to sites by other researchers. Alas, with family and work commitments etc I constantly fall behind so have added two more pages - Coming Soon and What's New. If you have contributed something and it doesn't appear on one or other of these lists (or the website), please get in touch with me again and remind me!!!

If you would like to be included in 'Tingewick Descendants' section, please email me your details, in the same format as the pages I have already done [or ask me for a template] and I will be delighted to add you.