Asa Asa and Murray Asa Benjamin


Asa Benjamin was the youngest child born to his parents. His grandfather, William Owen Murray, and older brother, Asa went into the furniture and undertaking business in Floresville. Asa's mother died when he was young and according to stories, he loaded his horse and went up river to live in the woods for a year. He was about 17 years old when his father wrote him letters (to Uvalde, Rocksprings, Center Point) urging him to come home and "get a job". He finally did come home.

Asa went to Runge to run a store owned by his brother. It was there that he met Gertie Bailey. When the time came for them to marry it was to be a secret, but the family all knew, and it was called the worst kept secret ever. Asa was about 21 and Gertie 20, when they married. They had two premature babies before Gertrude was born.
Source: tape recording by Gertrude Murray Jordan and V. Murray Jordan.

A story often told by Asa to Murray Jordan: when the Bailey girls would plan a visit, they would let Asa and Gertie that they would arrive on a certain date on the train. Asa and Gertie would meet the train, but no one would be there. Usually the next day or two there they would be.

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