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Remembrances of Vernon from Murray Jordan: Vernon was in the movies in Hollywood. He told that his speaking part was "They went thataway". He was also a trapper in the Big Bend, traveling from one end of the area (not a park at that time), trapping cougar. The line was 100 miles long. They traveled the route in a model A. They kept a washpot with beans at each end of the route. If they were able to kill a quail, they also had meat

He lost his job on the day that Murray was born, having $100, nothing else. He paid his last $100 to the doctor. He traded a herd of sheep for the first house that he and Gertrude lived in, which was obtained prior to their marriage.

Before marriage he was known to be a great dancer and was supposed to have provided the liquor for the local parties and dances. The only hitch was that this was during prohibition.

A story is told of how he bought his car, a Packard Roadster. He spent two or three days and nights at the Brady Hotel playing poker. After the game was over, he walked across the street to the car dealer and purchased it. The car was black with yellow fenders and red wheels.

One time he and a friend were to meet Gertrude and her friend in San Antonio for a date. The men were late leaving Brady, and drove so fast over the roads (with dips in the roads) that when they reached San Antonio the doors of Vernon's car wouldn't open. The frame was bent. They had to lift the girls over the doors to get in and out of the car.

Vernon was a home builder and insurance agent. He was a graduate of Peacock Academy of San Antonio, Texas A&M University with a major in Elecrical Engineering. When Vernon and Gertrude went to the Texas/Texas A&M football games, Gertrude would cheer for A&M because she "felt sorry for them". This was an irritation to Vernon.

Vernon and Gertrude would take a trip to San Antonio monthly to conduct business. One story told by Murray is that Vernon would let Gertrude out in front of the downtown Joske's Department Store and say, "Go in and buy anything you want and the children and I will drive around the block".

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