Robert (Bob) lost a leg in the Battle of the Wilderness during the Civil War, but lived to be 100 years old. He received a pension for his service in the war.

Taken from pp. 235-236 of A Soldier's Letters To Charming Nellie, by J.B. Poley:

"Bob Murray has a pair of remarkably careless legs, and they often carry him into danger. On this occasion one of them tried conclusions with a Yankee bullet and got the worst of it, being broken below the knee. Two days before, he and I, sitting astride a pine log, were playing our one hundred and thirty-fifth game of "seven-up", and, with characteristic impudence, he "begged, " and I "gave him one", when he had high, low, Jack, and the game in his hands. ...Now, in identically the same tone in which he "begged" then, he cried out to me, "Dad gum it, Joe, I beg you and 'Ole Pap' help me to the rear!" Indignation welled high in my bosom for an instant, and as quickly subsided - the rear was just then infinitely more attractive that the place we were....Bob's broken limb danging about with a "go-as-you-please" movement, and wrapping itself around the small bushes, and your humble servant kept altogether too busy watching out for his feet..."

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