Gertrude Bailey Murray
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Gertrude with Murray

Gertrude was a graduate of the University of Texas. She taught school, usually first grade, teaching between years of college in order to pay her way through school.

Remembrances of Gertrude told by Murray Jordan: Gertrude taught first grade in the Floresville area, often to very poor children. She said that when she asked one Mexican child what he ate at home, he said,"We eat bean-ses and coffee for breakfast, and bean-ses and tea for supper".

Gertrude told of how she met Vernon. She was in Brady visiting a friend from the University of Texas, Marjorie Curtis. She was sitting in an open car in town when Vernon came up to the car in chaps, cowboy boots, spurs, and hat, and said, "Hiya, Cutie". Apparently that was a good enough introduction. He was still driving the Packard Roadster at that time.

A story heard by Murray Jordan:
Gertrude Murray, Marguerite Heberer, and Margaret Watts were all first cousins and lived within distance of the train. Gertrude lived in Floresville, Marguerite lived in Runge, and Margaret W. lived in San Antonio. Once when they were all on the train together, Gertrude leaned her head out the window and lost her new hat. The girls ran to the conductor to stop the train. Later, when these cousins would get together even into their eighties they would tell that story with tears of laughter.

Gertrude married Vernon Elton Jordan of Brady, Texas, on June 25, 1933.

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