Asa William Murray
Asa, Nancy and children
Confederate Reunion Group

Asa and his family came in covered wagons in the early 1850's from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Missouri where they stayed several years before moving to Texas. Asa, his father and brothers went to LaVernia, built houses, and went back for their families in 1859.

During the Civil War Asa and his three brothers served; Asa was Pvt. Co. K, 8th Regiment in the Texas infantry of the Confederate Army, defending Galveston. After the war Asa became the sheriff of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

When the county seat was established at Floresville (near Old Lodi) the family moved there. Asa William established a furniture store, and as was common in that day he also sold caskets. The firm was known as A. W. Murray & Co. Sons Will and little Asa later were associated in the business.

After the death of Nancy and failure of his eyesight, the family asked Asa and Gertie to move in and look after him. He lost his sight to cataracts and was blind for the last ten years of his life. Gertrude remembers that every day at noon, Asa Benjamin would read the newspaper to him, particularly the actions of Pancho Villa and the events leading up to World War I. There were about 8 or 10 Confederate Veterans living in the Floresville area, and they spent many hours around Asa William's fireplace reliving those memories.

He was 84 years old at the time of his death.

Sources: tape recording by Gertrude Murray Jordan. Handwritten accounts in Gertrude Murray Jordan's records. Newspaper article, Floresville Chronicle-Journal, December 1, 1950

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