Tuscaloosa High School (Alabama) Class of 1956

Tuscaloosa High School (Alabama) Class of 1956

Black Bear

Hello Bears!!

The Class 70th Birthday Party has come and gone. All reports indicate that the gang had a great time and those who are gone and those unable to make this one were remembered!

Pictures of the bash are at the following link: All 31 images from Connie Waddell (To go to the next image look at the bottom left of each image.)

The Big 2006 50th Year Reunion

Reunion Class Picture August 11-12, 2006

Lost in the Fifties Forever

Memories are Made of This

Bodie Hinton, our Band Director attend. There was a special get-together Saturday afternoon from 2:00 until 4:00 P.M. at the Elks Lodge in Tuscaloosa. Billy West presented a 32 minute video of the band trip to Chicago in 1954. That was Bodie's last time to conduct the band.

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A memory brought back by Maggie Butler and several others who gave us "the rest of the story"!

To the tune of "The Caissons Go Rolling Along" (An Artillery Song, dedicated to the U. S. Field Artillery Written by Gen. Edmund L. Gruber (1908)

Give a cheer, Give a cheer,
To the boys who brew the beer,...
In the cellar of Ol' Loosa High.
They are brave, they are bold,
And the whiskey they can hold,
Is a story that will never be told.
Soooo give the girl a guzzle,
As it trickles down her muzzle,
Drink up & never go dry..........
We'll sleep & snore while the cops bang on the door,
Of the cellar of Ol' Loosa High!


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Street named to honor Black Bears

2006 Reunion pictures (From Bill Jackson)

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