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Creek Enrollment Cases Index

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 This database indexes the Creek Indian and Creek Freedman enrollment cases on microfilm M1301, rolls 402-414, that deal with persons applying for Creek Indian and Creek Freedman citizenship and Dawes enrollment. These are not the general Creek Dawes applications which are unfortunately lost and assume destroyed long ago (The National Archives never received them.), but a separate group of records. Indexed are persons who missed the original enrollment, persons listed on earlier tribal rolls who are unaccounted for, and persons of doubtful citizenship.

 This index reproduces and supplements an original handwritten index located at the end of microfilm 7RA-42. It includes the persons applying and additionally persons applying for someone else, usually related. The original index on microfilm does not include any surnames beginning with I, J, K, L, O, Q, U, X, Y, Z.

 Listed in this index are first name, middle (maiden) name, last name, case number, whether enrolled (E) or denied (D), whether the person applied as a Creek (C) or Freedman (F), and occasionally a reference. Noted in parenthesis are any alternate names and if the person is applying "for" someone else. There are references to Creek Memorandum files (CM) on microfilm M1301, rolls 333-334; Creek Enrollment Jackets (EJ) on microfilm M1301, rolls 428-432; and other Enrollment Cases (EC).   The cases 4015-4049 are the same as Dawes card number

 There are approximately 1,250 enrollment cases indexed in this database listing approximately 3,621 persons.

 Visit the SW National Archives branch to order copies of cases.

Example of information in database:

CaseLast NameFirst NameMiddleEnrolled or
Creek or
674BrunerPolly(Sullivan)DFsee CM 62
AKA Laton McIntosh
13WinnGenevaAdkinsD C

Microfilm M1301, rolls 402-414

roll 402
cases 1-21 roll 409
cases 704-817
roll 403
cases 22-94
roll 410
cases 818-903
roll 404
cases 95-223
roll 411
cases 904-997
roll 405
cases 224-326
roll 412
cases 998-1099
roll 406
cases 327-415
roll 413
cases 1100-1213
roll 407
cases 416-593
roll 414
cases 4015-4049
roll 408
cases 594-703