1860 Census of the Lands West of Arkansas.

Free inhabitants in the Creek Nation, in the country west of Arkansas, 1860

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A census of the Indian lands west of Arkansas enumerated by Israel G. Vore. Some of the persons listed as Black (B) or Mulatto (M) are actually mixed Indians.

Page 13
3 November 1860   Post Office: Creek Agency

  NameAgeSexColorOccupation  Birthplace     
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
[140] Mary Laughridge6f      Creek Nation   /    
  Harriett E.      "4f      Creek Nation        
 1William S. Robertson40m School Teacher  500 New York        
  Ann E.      "34f School Teacher    Georgia        
  Ann A.      "9f      Creek Nation   /    
  Mary A.      "7f      Creek Nation   /    
  Grace L.      "4f      Creek Nation        
  Samuel W.      "2/12m      Creek Nation        
  Nancy Shepperd30f      "     Teacher5000 300 Kentucky        
  Annie N. Turner32f      "     Teacher  500 Mass.        
  Joahanna Mills24f      "     Teacher    New Jersey        
  Mary McKean30f      "     Teacher  1500 Penn        
  Mary Vance30f      "     Teacher    Penn        
  John P. Davis54m      "     Teacher    Maine        
1412Moses S. Lands32m Farm Laborer  100 Tennessee        
  Lucinda      "33f      Tennessee        
  Mary J.      "7f      Arkansas   /    
  Elizabeth      "5f      Arkansas   /    
  Nancy R.      "3f      Arkansas        
   Joahanna       "3/12f      Creek Nation        
1423Robert B. McCullough45m Carpenter  160 Penn        
  Elizabeth      "40f      Penn        
  William      "17m      Penn   /    
  James      "15m      Penn   /    
  Elizabeth      "13f      Penn   /    
 4Frank Borgeaud25m Farm Laborer    Switzerland        
 5Christian D. Thorrup21m Farm Laborer    Denmark        
 6Madison Johnson35m Carpenter  500 Virginia        
1437Kendal Lewis (c)79m Farmer  16,000 Maryland        
1448John Lewis (c)65m Farmer  900 Georgia        
1459John Barnwell *43m Merchant1000 20,000 Ireland        
14610Mary R. Coody26f      Virginia        
14711Sarah C. T. Stidham *29f      Virginia        
14812Cyrus A. Lawson40m Trader600 1800 Kentucky        
14913Robert Armstrong70m Merchant3600   Scotland        
15014Christopher C. Belcher *34m Merchants Clerk  300 Tennessee        
15115Jurdon A. Smith30m Carpenter    Mississippi        
 16Rachel Henry *26f      Cherokee Nation        
  Nancy Smith52f      Tennessee        
 17John Dixon20m Laborer    Cherokee Nation        

(c) No explanation given for this notation.
* Married natives, but not admitted to Citizenship.

Page 14
6 November 1860   Post Office: Creek Agency

  NameAgeSexColorOccupation  Birthplace     
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1521John Thornsbury66m School Teacher    Virginia        
   Sarah C. F.      "52f School Teacher     Virginia        
   John E.      "20m      Virginia        
1532John M. Holmes42m Merchant  1500 Tennessee        
  Sarah A.      "38 f      Tennessee        
  Mary      "8f      Texas   /    
  William      "5m      Arkansas   /    
  Emma      "3f      Arkansas        
  Ella      "1f      Arkansas        
1543William M. Holmes35 m Merchant  10,000 Tennessee        
  Fannie      "21f      California        
  Lillie      "1f      Arkansas        
1554Thomas Maxwell *50m Teamster400 100 Georgia        
1565Loueza Logan40fMCook   1000 Virginia     /  
  James T. Harvey22m Farm Laborer800 450 Missouri        
1576Loueza P. SHAW29f Seamstress800   Switzerland        
  James H.      "10 m      Arkansas   /    
1587John W. B. Mathews27m Blacksmith  400 Alabama        
  Nancy T.      "21f      Alabama        
 8Timothy Perry28m Carpenter  500 Mass        
 9Frederick Adams22m Merchants Clerk  250 Maine        
  William Whitmore35m Drover  500 New York        
 10David Balleau *55m Farmer  150 France        
 11Henderson Posely19m Laborer    Missouri        
 12John Patton18m Laborer    Texas        
 13James Childers54m Laborer    Tennessee        
  Susan      "51f      Tennessee        
  Nancy     "23f      Tennessee        
  Arine      "20f      Cherokee Nation        
  Guss      "16m Laborer    Cherokee Nation        
 14Rheuben Childers24m Laborer    Tennessee        
 15Robert B. Ames43m Teamster  200 New York        
  Ira      "16m      Illinois        
  Lucretia       "14f      Illinois        
  Josephine      "12f      Illinois        
  Henry      "11m      Illinois        
 16Carter Wells32m  Blacksmith  200 Arkansas        
  Elizabeth      "39f      Arkansas        
  Caroline      "9f      Arkansas        
  Susan       "6f      Arkansas        

* Married natives, but not admitted to Citizenship.

Page 15
8 November 1860   Post Office: Creek Agency

  NameAgeSexColorOccupation  Birthplace     
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  John Wells2m      Cherokee Nation        
  Alexander      "1m      Cherokee Nation        
1591Stephen Smith53m Wagon Maker  1000 S. Carolina        
  Catharine      "52f      Georgia        
  William      "20m Farm Laborer    Alabama        
  Catharine A. H. Smith19f      Alabama        
  Margaret E.      "16f      Alabama        
  Thomas S.      "10m      Alabama        
1602Samuel H. Hopwood *63m Farmer  500 Virginia        
1613George W. Smith39m Carpenter  450 Virginia        
1624Big Sarah48fBCook  500 Alabama     /  
1635Julia30fBCook    Alabama     /  
  Jeanetta7fM     Creek Nation        
  Ahtula5fB      Missouri        
1646Elizabeth28fBCook     Cherokee Nation     /  
  Charley3mM      Creek Nation        
  Robison5/12mM     Creek Nation        
1657Jesse Livingston39m Tailor    Maryland        
1668Richard O. Edmonds *28m Laborer  50 Virginia        
1679Leroy P. Job *48m Stock Raiser  8500 Alabama        
 10Judy Grayson60fB     Alabama     /  
 11Amy Grayson35fM     Alabama     /  
16812Rachel Cornels48fMFarmer  125 Alabama     /  
 13Fanny Cornels80fBStock Raiser  450 Alabama     /  
 14Billy Hawkins52mMLaborer  300 Alabama     /  
16915William H. Garrett30m Creek Agent6000 25,000 S. Carolina        
  Mary D.      "31f    2000 Missouri        
  William W.      "2m      Creek Nation        
  John H. Garrett25m    1000 Alabama        
  Alexander Woods25m Farm Laborer  500 New York        
17016Cullen Manly54mMHorse Trainer  700 N. Carolina     /  
  Alonzo      "11mM     Cherokee Nation        
  Julia A. Helterbrand65fM     Virginia     /  
17117John F. Brown *47m Physician  700 S. Carolina        
 18Eliza Callahan (c)21f      Texas        
 19Solomon Williams *47m Carpenter  500 Alabama        

I certify that to the best of my knowledge & belief the foregoing is a true & correct census of the free inhabitants in the Creek Nation, taken according to my oath & instructions. 

Israel G. Vore, Asst. Marshal.

Census Columns:

1.     Dwelling Houses numbered in the order of visitation.
2.     Families numbered in the order of visitation.
3.     The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the final day of Hune 1860, was in this family.
4.     Age.
5.     Sex.
6.     Color {White, black, or mulatto}.
7.     Profession, Occupation, or trade of each person, male and female, over 15 years of age.
8.     Value of Real Estate.
9.     Value of Personal Estate.
10.   Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country.
11.   Married within the year.
12.   Attended school within the year.
13.   Persons over 20 years of age who cannot read & write.
14.   Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.