Lance L. Hall's genealogy


Surname County State
Applegate Scott Indiana
Pike Illinois
Barnes Clark, Estill
Kentucky / N. C. ?
Britton northern Mississippi
Chesterfield Virginia
Laurens South Carolina
Madison, Clark, Estill Kentucky
Cooper, Cole, Jackson, Cass Missouri
Cornett Grayson Virginia
Cleghorn Rutherford
N. Carolina
Crabtree Collin Texas
Daniel Laurens S. Carolina
Gregory Lunenburg Virginia
Tate/Desoto Mississippi
Hall Floyd Georgia
Jeffries Lunenburg Virginia
Kirkham Petersburg city Virginia
Lumpkin Floyd Georgia
Millican Collin Texas
Anderson Tennessee
Montague Mecklenburg Virginia
Richey Pike Illinois
Collin Texas
Richards Mecklenburg Virginia
South Laurens S. Carolina
Stark Scott Indiana
Swepson   Virginia
Williams Collin Texas
Overton Tennessee

Lance L. Hall's

My Ancestor Chart


February 2, 2020

I am trying to update and expand  these pages and many have been greatly updated in the past year. 

I do as much real research as possible and take the time to track down source documents and draw conclusions based on actual documentation, heavy circumstantial evidence, cluster data and now DNA evidence. 

I have been researching my ancestry off and since 1991.  Many lines are very difficult to research and there are still many brick walls.

I am on Ancestry and my relevant trees are "Lance's Paternal..." or "Lance's Maternal..."

Unfortunately much of the "information" in Ancestry or even LDS trees is erroneous because newer researchers are just name matching not actually researching.


Lance L. Hall
Fort Worth, Texas.


Surname County State
Barnard Chatham Georgia
Barnett Creek Nation Oklahoma
Beams Choctaw Nation Mississippi
Choctaw Nation Oklahoma
Bowman Greene Tennessee
Bradley Chatham Georgia
Bray Bell Kentucky
Deaton DeKalb Alabama
Montgomery North Carolina
Williamson Illinois
Fisher Creek Nation Oklahoma
Monroe Alabama
Fields Creek Nation Oklahoma
Fixico Creek Nation Oklahoma
Halsell Coahoma Mississippi
Montgomery Tennessee
Fairfield (Chester) South Carolina
Lee Bell Kentucky
McNew ? Tennessee
Cherokee Alabama
Mannon Claiborne Tennessee
South Carolina
South Carolina
Oldham Caswell North Carolina
Estill Kentucky
Simmons Creek Nation Oklahoma
Yahola Creek Nation Oklahoma
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Mystery lines