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The Gerken-Larson Heritage:
The 19th and 20th Centuries
A Family History

Herman Gerken (1819-1875)
Henry Gerken (1855-1914)
Ewald Gerken (1895-1956)
Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
Thomas Larson (1962-)

Researched and written by
Tom Larson

This family history contains not only names and dates but also presents a narrative about the lives of those mentioned, as gleaned from interviews, newspapers, books, and official records. Along the way you'll encounter the Gerken and Larson families as well as those of Schulte, Winter, Schumacher, Uthe, Kieler, and Nyborg as they made their way through life at places such as New Vienna, Dyersville, and Dubuque, Iowa; Argyle and Kieler, Wisconsin; and East Dubuque, Illinois. Although the website is centered on my direct lineage through the Gerken line, you'll also find information about other branches of the family, where you'll encounter many more surnames and many more places!   T.L.

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The Gerken Ancestry in Germany
Our Gerken lineage has been traced back to the 1711 marriage of Heinrich and Clara Anna (Fumen) Gerken, and here you'll discover their descendants, as recorded in the Catholic church records of Hegensdorf in Germany, from 1711 to 1874. Heinrich and Clara Anna Gerken are great-great-grandparents to Herman Gerken, who brought our Gerken line to the United States. They are Tom's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.

Geschichte des Hauses Schnieders (Gehrken) - Read about the ancestral Gerken home in Hegensdorf. Information (in German) was prepared by Hegensdorf historian Heinz Lummer, and the information was translated by fellow genealogist and Gerken relation Tom Steichen.

Relatives of Herman Gerken who also came to America:

Herman Gerken (1819-1875)
Read about the life of Herman Gerken, Tom's great-great-grandfather, who emigrated from Hegensdorf, Germany, in 1851. Herman, his wife Mary Catherine Gerken née Schulte (1822-1869), and their baby daughter Mary settled at New Vienna, Iowa. The Herman Gerken family later farmed east of Dyersville, Iowa.

The Children of Herman and M. Catherine (Schulte) Gerken
Mary (Gerken) Kerkhoff
Margaret (Gerken) Kunkel
William Gerken
Henry Gerken
  Caroline (Gerken) Steger
Herman Gerken
Sophia (Gerken) Kunkel
Louis Gerken

The Schulte and Pape Heritage - Read about the heritage of Herman Gerken's wife, Mary Catherine née Schulte, as well as that of her half-brother Wilhelm Pape, who emigrated to America in 1850 and settled at New Vienna, Iowa, with his wife Margaret and their sons.

The Lengeling Family Heritage - Read about Scholastica (Shulte) Lengeling and her descendants. Scholastica was a sister of M. Catherine (Schulte) Gerken (Mrs. Herman Gerken). Scholastica married Johannes Lengeling in Germany, where their children were born. Joannes died in Germany, and Scholastica and her children subsequently came to America and settled in Iowa.

Conrad Pape - Read about Conrad Pape, a son of Wilhelm and Margaret Pape. Conrad Pape married Josephine Wente, and they farmed the Pape homestead at New Vienna, Iowa. Conrad Pape was a first cousin to Tom's great-grandfather Henry Gerken.
Rev. Frederick William Pape - Read about the Reverend F. W. Pape, the youngest son of Wilhelm and Margaret Pape and pastor of St. Boniface Catholic Church in New Vienna from 1874 to 1919, under whose direction the present church was built. Father Pape was a first cousin to Tom's great-grandfather Henry Gerken.

Henry Gerken (1855-1914)
Read about the life of Henry Gerken, Herman and M. Catherine (Schulte) Gerken's son and Tom's great-grandfather. In 1878, he married Anna Winter, at New Vienna, Iowa, and they lived out their lives there with Henry working as a carpenter. Anna was born in 1861 at Dubuque, Iowa, to John Peter and Anna Mary (Ickenroth) Winter, who a short time later moved to New Vienna. Henry Gerken died in an auto accident in 1914, and Anna (Winter) Gerken followed him to the grave in 1916.

The Children of Henry and Anna (Winter) Gerken
Louis P. Gerken
Mary Anna (Gerken) Fritz
George F. Gerken
Hubert "Hub" Gerken
Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Gerken) Winter
  Irma (Gerken) Schumacher
Alphonse Gerken
Ewald Gerken
Zita Gerken (Sr. M. Ewalda)

John Peter and Anna Mary (Ickenroth) Winter - Read about J.P. Winter (1816-1896) and A.M. (Ickenroth) Winter (1825-1888), the parents of Mrs. Henry Gerken, née Anna Winter, Tom's great-grandmother. They came to America from Germany in 1854, went to Dubuque, Iowa, in 1855, and finally settled in New Vienna, Iowa, in 1864.

  • Anna Mary (Winter) Meinhart Huberty - Read about John P. and Anna M. (Ickenroth) Winter's niece, whom they adopted after her parents died en route to America. Anna Mary Winter (1851-1910) married George Meinhart (ca. 1838-1879) in 1867, and they had five children. George Meinhart died in 1879, and his widow Anna (Winter) Meinhart married Hubert Huberty (1855-1925) in 1882. They lived at New Vienna and Dyersville, Iowa.
  • Maria "Mary" Anna (Winter) Klostermann Sturm - Read about Mary Anna Winter (1855-1908), a daughter of John P. and Anna M. (Ickenroth) Winter. Mary Winter married Caspar Klostermann (1848-1878), and they had three children. Caspar Klostermann died, and Mary then married Jacob Sturm (1841-1905), whose first spouse, Elizabeth née Knolle (1844-1877), had also died. Jacob brought five children from his first marriage into his union with Mary, and they proceeded to have seven additional children of their own. The Sturm family lived at Springbrook, Iowa, where they farmed.
  • Henry Gerken's brothers and sisters
          the other children of Herman and M. Catherine (Schulte) Gerken:

    Ewald Gerken (1895-1956)
    Read about the life of Ewald Gerken, Henry Gerken's son and Tom's grandfather, who was born in 1895 at New Vienna, Iowa. In 1919, in Dubuque, Iowa, after his return from Europe and his service in the U.S. Army during World War I, Ewald married Anna Schumacher, who was born in 1895 to George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher at East Dubuque, Illinois. They made their life together in Dubuque, where Ewald worked for Morrision Brothers and later as a foreman in the pattern making department at John Deere. Ewald and Anna Gerken and their family were members of Holy Ghost Parish. Ewald died in 1956 and Anna in 1967, and they were buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Dubuque.

    The Children of Ewald and Anna (Schumacher) Gerken
    Louise (Gerken) Coakley
    Donald "Don" Gerken
    Teresa (Gerken) McCoy
    Adrian "A.J." Gerken
    Joan (Gerken) Larson
    Dolores Gerken
          Ewald "E.J." Gerken, Jr.
    Mary (Gerken) Temple
    William "Bill" Gerken
    Daniel "Dan" Gerken
    Loras Gerken

    Photographs from a reunion of the descendants of Ewald and Anna Gerken on September 2, 2001, at the old Ewald Gerken homestead in Dubuque.

    Postcards of New Vienna, Iowa, where Ewald Gerken was born and raised. The New Vienna postcards appearing here are from Ewald's own collection.

    The Kieler · Uthe · Schumacher Heritage - Here you'll find the heritage of Mrs. Ewald Gerken, née Anna Schumacher, Tom's grandmother, who was born in 1895 in East Dubuque, Ill., to George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher: Mathilda, born in 1865 in Dickeyville, Wis., was the daughter of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe, who had immigrated here from Germany, and Barbara was the daughter of Johannes and Katharina Kieler, who had also come from Germany and settled in Grant County, Wis., near the present town of Kieler, which was given the family name when their son George opened the first post office there in 1883. This lineage is traced here and includes other branches of these families of the Kieler and Dickeyville area of Grant County, Wis., and of East Dubuque, Ill.
  • History of the Parish at Kieler, Wisconsin, from a 1957 publication celebrating the church's centennial.
  • Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery, Kieler, Wisconsin - readings of gravestones for selected surnames.
  • Founder of Kieler Gave It Name, 1929 newspaper article.
  • Holy Ghost Church Cemetery, Dickeyville, Wisconsin - readings of gravestones.

  • Martin and Theresa (Schumacher) Schumacher - tells about Anna (Schumacher) Gerken's grandparents, Martin and Theresa Schumacher, who emigrated from Germany in 1853 to the United States where they settled in Cattaraugus County in western New York State.
    Don Gentner's Genealogy Page (offsite link) - includes the Schumacher family.
    Selected webpages at Don Gentner's site:
  • Wiesental, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (offsite link) - The Schumacher ancestral village.
  • The Wiesental - Springville Connection (offsite link) - includes many Schumachers and relations, who emigrated from Wiesental, Baden, to the area around Springville, N.Y.
  • Martin Schuhmacher (1819-1900) (offsite link) - Martin Schumacher is Anna (Schumacher) Gerken's grandfather. From this starting point, follow the links to discover earlier generations of Schumachers and many other relations.
  • Ewald Gerken's brothers and sisters
          the other children of Henry and Anna (Winter) Gerken:

    • Louis P. Gerken (1880-1939) - Louis married Christina "Tina" M. Lange (1883-1978), and they settled in Templeton, Iowa.
      Children of Louis and Tina (Lange) Gerken
      Edwin Gerken
      Ermin Gerken
      Julius Gerken
      Marie (Gerken) Leise
            Flora Gerken
      Elmer Gerken
      James Gerken
      Edgar Gerken
    • Mary Anna (Gerken) Fritz (1882-1925) - Mary Anna married Joseph Fritz (1869-1947), and they lived at Cresco, Iowa.
      Children of Joseph and Mary Anna (Gerken) Fritz
      Armella (Fritz) Herold
      Leo Fritz
      Gilbert Fritz
      Irma (Fritz) Ollendieck
      Vincent Fritz
            Ewald Fritz
      Luella Fritz
      Edna (Fritz) Heimer
      Sylvester Fritz
      Jack Fritz
    • George F. Gerken (1884-1957) - George married Anna M. Ruemmele (1889-1957), and they lived in Dubuque, Iowa, for a time before settling at Cincinnati, Ohio.
      Children of George and Anna (Ruemmele) Gerken
      Inez Gerken
      Esther (Gerken) Ryan
            Ivo Gerken
    • Hubert "Hub" H. Gerken (1886-1950) - Hubert married Rose Ann Beatrice Kramer (1887-1974), and they settled at Adrian, Minnesota.
      Children of Hubert and Rose (Kramer) Gerken
      Virginia Gerken
      Marjorie (Gerken) Reker
            Charles Gerken
    • Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Gerken) Winter (1889-1967) - Minnie married Peter John Winter (1886-1964), and they farmed at Adrian, Minnesota.
      Children of Peter and Minnie (Gerken) Winter
      Alphonse Winter
      Victor Winter
      Edward Winter
      Lucille (Winter) Jacobson
      Harold Winter
      George Winter
            Viola (Winter) Wasmund
      Alvin Winter
      Stella (Winter) Tryon
      Marcella (Winter) Scully
      Ila (Winter) Murphy
    • Irma (Gerken) Schumacher (1891-1954) - Irma married Joseph Henry Schumacher (1890-1969), and they lived at Dubuque, Iowa.
      Children of Joseph and Irma (Gerken) Schumacher
      Sylveria "Sally" (Schumacher) Hird Pauly
      Walter Schumacher
      Erwin Schumacher
      Joseph Schumacher
      Marian (Schumacher) Glover Frederick
      Doris (Schumacher) Conry Hanten
            Charles Schumacher
      Francis Schumacher
      Joyce Schumacher (Sr. Mary Irma)
      David Schumacher
      Louis Schumacher
    • Alphonse Gerken (1893-1967) - Alphonse married Helena Elizabeth Lais (1895-1992), and they settled at Adrian, Minnesota.
      Children of Alphonse and Helen (Lais) Gerken
      Wilfred Gerken
      Willis Gerken
            Richard Gerken
      Victoria Gerken
    • Zita Gerken (Sr. Ewalda) (1898-1954) - Zita entered the order of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration at St. Rose Covent, La Crosse, Wisconsin, and her religious name was Sister Mary Ewalda. She taught at various schools in Iowa and Wisconsin.

    Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
    Read about the life of Joan (Gerken) Larson, Ewald Gerken's daughter and Tom's mother, from the time of her birth in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1926, to her marriage in 1949 to Vernon Larson--he was born in 1925, and information is included here about his parents, Oscar and Mary (Nyborg) Larson, of Argyle, Wisconsin; his education; and his years in the service during World War II--to Vern and Joan's life together, including their family traditions, interests, and activities, in Dubuque, Iowa, where they were members of Holy Ghost Church and where Vern worked at John Deere, and finally to their passings, Joan in 1994 and Vern in 2001.

    Debra (Runde) Larson's heritage - Presented here are ancestral charts for Deb's parents, Faber and Jeanette (Timmerman) Runde; Deb is Tom's wife. Surnames include Bussan, Digmann, Dunleavy, Hauser, Manemann, Runde, Timmerman, Weber, and Wiederholt. Most of her heritage may be traced to Grant Co., Wisconsin, and Jo Daviess Co., Ill., with German, Irish, and Dutch roots.

  • The Wiederhold-Lange Lineages / The Wiederholt Family Heritage - John and Elizabeth (Weber) Wiederholt are Deb's great-grandparents, and this webpage includes information about them and their family, their parents and ancestry, centering on the Wiederhold and Lange lineages, with Joseph J. and Victoria (Lange) Wiederholt being Deb's great-great-great-grandparents who came to America in 1846 shortly after their marriage in Germany.
  • The Timmermans-Clompen-Baetsen Lineages / The Timmerman Family Heritage - Peter J. and Rose Ann (Hauser) Timmerman are Deb's great-grandparents, and this webpage contains information about them and their family; their parents, Mathias and Maria "Mary" (Op 't Roodt) Timmerman; the Timmermans ancestral lineage, along with the Clompens and Baetsens, in the Netherlands.
  • Engels, Lutters, Gubbels, Timmermans - Simon and Christinne (Vermeulen) Engels are Deb's great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, and this webpage traces their descendants from the Netherlands to the United States.
  • The Dunleavy Family Heritage: Thomas and Jane (Rooney) Dunleavy - Thomas and Jane Dunleavy are Deb's great-great-grandparents, and this webpage includes information about them and their descendants.
  • The Manemann-Runde Family Heritage: August and Louisa (Manemann) Runde - August and Louisa Runde are Deb's great-grandparents, and this webpage includes information about them and their descendants.
  • A Great Adventurer: The Duke de Ripperda - this famous (or infamous) duke is a great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather to Deb, and his story is given here.
  • Joan (Gerken) Larson's brothers and sisters
          the other children of Ewald and Anna (Schumacher) Gerken:

    The Children of Ewald and Anna (Schumacher) Gerken
    Louise (Gerken) Coakley
    Donald Gerken
    Teresa (Gerken) McCoy
    Adrian Gerken
    Joan (Gerken) Larson
    Dolores Gerken
          Ewald Gerken, Jr.
    Mary (Gerken) Temple
    William Gerken
    Daniel Gerken
    Loras Gerken

    From the mysterious ...
    Newspaper Accounts of the Murder Mystery of Thecla M. Gerken (1894-1917) - Read about Thecla Gerken, a daughter of John E. Gerken (Herman Gerken's nephew), who is treated at length here in the form of sensational newspaper articles relating the circumstances of her 1917 murder in Sioux City, Iowa.

    To the miraculous ...
    Archbishop Rudolph A. Gerken (1887-1943) - Read about Archbishop Gerken, a son of William and Elizabeth (Sudmeier) Gerken of Dyersville, Iowa. He served as the first bishop of Amarillo before being named archbishop of Santa Fe. Archbishop Gerken was a grandson of Herman Gerken (a nephew to Henry Gerken and a first cousin to Ewald Gerken).

    From Hegensdorf, the Gerken Ancestral Village...
    Hegensdorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, the home of our Gerken ancestors, is a small village located in an area which, in the past, was part of Westfalen (Westphalia), Prussia.

    • Hegensdorf: A Small Village in Germany (offsite link) - Discover Hegensdorf at Joe Beine's website, a fine introduction to our ancestral village. Includes some photographs by Giles Gerken, a second cousin of Joan (Gerken) Larson, Tom's mother.

    ... to New Vienna and Dyersville, Iowa ...
    New Vienna is located north of Dyersville in New Wine Township in western Dubuque County, Iowa. Herman and M. Catherine (Schulte) Gerken, Tom's great-great-grandparents, settled at New Vienna before moving to a farm east of Dyersville. Their son William remained on the farm at Dyersville, while their son Henry Gerken returned to New Vienna, where he married Anna Winter, worked as a carpenter, and raised a family. Ewald Gerken, Tom's grandfather, grew up in New Vienna.

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