Family Sheet

Husband's Full Name:

Theodore William Miller, Jr. Date:4/19/13
Parents:Miller, Theodore William & Mildred Marie (Kingdon)

Wife's Full Name:

Carole Jean Gutzwiller
Parents:Gutzwiller, Victor Edward & Alice Linea (Person)
Records:Mar: Wedding Announcement; Article from San Bndo Daily Sun; {551} Kramer HS: Class of '31 Reunion (50 Yrs) (Gutzwiller) Husband: Birth Certificate; HS graduation announcement; College Grad. program; Discharge Papers; US Passport; {551} Kramer HS: Class of '31 Reunion (50 Yrs) (Gutzwiller) Wife: Birth certificate; Marriage Certificates (church and gov't); Diplomas; Undated obit of Mother, Ethel Person's white album; child's birth certificate; {551} Kramer HS: Class of '31 Reunion (50 Yrs) (w/father)

C#1 Laura Lynn Miller m1: Marc Alan Jones, no ch., divorc. m2 - 2ch: Charice & Jonathan, stepdau: Sarah Lynne.
 Full Name of Spouse #2 
 Donald Unruh 

Marriage: Married at the Naval Radio Station Chapel (quonset hut on the base) at Wahiawa. Attendents & witnesses: Ray Ramont and Pat Gutzwiller Married by Rv. Earl Dean Sneary, LCDR., USN (Episcopal) Chaplain Reception followed at the Penthouse of the Queen's Surf Hotel on the Diamond Head end of Waikiki Beach. We lived with Ramont's at 232-C Koa St, Wahiawa for 2-3 mos. then got little house behind big house on Dole Rd. Wahiawa. Returned to States by ship to San Francisco while I was pg. Jan 1956: Ted discharged in SF. Went to work for Ray Ramont's Dad in Yucaipa, Ca. 5 Jul 1956: Laura born at Loma Linda, CA. Fall 1956: Ted enrolled at Cal Poly, SLO & we moved to 151 Placentia Ave. Shell Beach, CA Had to pick up mail at Gen. Deliv. PO. Ted worked nights and weekends at the Mobil gas station on the north end of Pismo Beach. Carole made a stab at night school classes in shorthand & typing at SLO HS, but too far and too expensive. Carole had emergency appendectomy in spring of 57. Neighbor, Audrey Benefiel took care of Laura. A couple months later, Ted had an accident when a man turned left in front of him on the main road of town. Ted carpooled with Al Benefiel until the Mercury was fixed. That summer, Carole went to work waiting tables at local dinner house to pay doctor's bill. On occasion, she took Laura along and put her in a high chair in the kitchen until Ted got there to pick her up. Ted switched from electronics major to math. Pat Gutzwiller lived with them briefly while she went to Cal Poly. Spring 1958: Ted graduated.. Had scholarship to attend Kansas State for his Masters, but had to turn it down when his part-time job ended (minor recession). Call from North American Aviation, Missile Div. asking if we had received job offer sent by mail (it was the morning after graduation weekend & we hadn't picked up mail the afternoon before.) They called back later, and we moved to 13819 Paramount Blvd, Paramount, CA (apartment). The Downey NAA computer center had 12 people! (Note: a few years later, the Apollo Project would operate from this plant.) We bought house at 5221 Ocaso Ave., Buena Park, CA under GI Bill. Moved in Feb 1959. See street and house diagrams. Name of NAA Div was changed to Missile and Space Div. Ted worked for NAA until 1966 when he took a job with the new Missile and Space Systems Division of McDonnell- Douglas in Huntington Beach, CA. We had moved a block to 7749 Granada Dr, BP on 31 Oct 1965. He continued to work in HB until assigned as manager of ADP (automated data processing) on Kwajalein Island, the long-distance missile test range for the Site-Defense Program (later name change to System Technology Program). We lived there 1976-78. Lived stateside until Oct 1981 when returned to Kwaj. Ted was Site Director for the HOE project until Dec 1983. Returned to States following vacation in New Zealand with the Camerzell Family. Had expected to be extended on Kwaj, instead were notified while in Hono to go back and pack out. In the fall of 1986, Carole drove her father and step mother to NE and Ted flew in to meet them for a genealogy research trip. In Oct of 1987 they toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland with her father. In the fall of 1988 they flew to western NY for a three week genealogy research trip. In Sep/Oct of 1989 they returned for additional research in NE. {551} 1981: Identified as parents of one child, grandparents of one. Husband: Interests: Computers, tennis, golf, fishing. Ted Jr was the first grandchild of WE & Nettie Kingdon. (10 yrs until there were others.) He was closest to uncles, esp. Jack Lee, after he reached CA. Played the trumpet until he was 20 yrs old. He was famous in Barstow for performance during Sr. year that finished with a solo that ended on high C. Ted was standing on the top row of the orchestra - horn in the air - and fell backwards, but the music was complete. The audience was silent until his head appeared over the top of the platform. Ted attended 2 colleges (Hastings College & Nebraska Westleyan U.) in Nebraska before enlisting in the Navy, 1952 (Korean War time). Served in Adak, Alaska; Wahiawa, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii; Japan and back to Wahiawa, Hawaii. (Service # 319-00-72.) After his discharge (Feb. 56) he worked for RE Ramont, owner of Ramont's Floral Arts & California Floral Arts, in Yucaipa, CA. until the end of August. Then moved with his family to 151 Placentia, Shell Beach, CA while he attended Cal Poly - starting on an electronics major. Worked part-time in a Mobilgas station in Pismo Beach. Ted switched to Math major in 1957 & grad. in 1958. He was offered a scholarship to Kansas University, but turned it down because the economy was in a minor recession and his hours at the gas station had been reduced. We didn't foresee a way to make enough money over the summer for the move (the car needed new tires and for warm clothes). He was offered a job by North American Aviation, Missile Div. in Downey. Moved to apt. at 13819 Paramount Blvd., Paramount, CA., and began work with computers. The first, a Bendix G-15D. The department had twelve employees! Moved to first house at 5221 McComber Rd, BP in Feb 1959. The utilities had not been turned on yet. Built a fire in the fireplace, and house filled with smoke. Plaster had been dropped down the chimney, and clogged the damper opening. Ted became a supervisor in 1961. 31 Oct. 1965: Ted & family moved a block, to house at 7749 Granada, BP. 1966: Ted went to work for Douglas Astronautics when the Information Systems division had just been formed. This later became McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics Division (MDAC). July 1976-Sept 1978: Sent to Kwajalein Long-Distance Missile Testing Range as Director of Software Development. Oct 1981-Dec 1983: Returned to Kwaj as MDAC Site Director. California Dr. Lic: B220730. {551} 1981: Identified as spouse of child, department head in space division at McConnel-Douglas (sic). Wife: Interests: Primates, Sci-fict., books, genealogy Born while parents lived in the Gassman's house on Muscott St. Great-Grandfather Schober & Uncle Fritz Person lived with them. Lived on Reece St. for about 2 years while a new house was built at 1445 Muscot by Father working with Grandfather F.H. Person and Uncle Fritz. House was Spanish style, H-shaped, white stucco with red tile roof. Grandfather did all cabinet work. 3 car garage set behind house, & was approached by leg of reversed h-shaped driveway House set on 20 acres of orange grove, trees on 3 sides. Beside citrus trees, there were peach, apricot, plum & sour cherries. Played piano from age 6, teachers were Phyllis Gentry & Phyllis Lloyd (good sightreader, average ability at music in general, lousy at memorization). Played bass viol from age 11 to 16 in school orchestras, played klockenspiel & cymbals for 1 year in Jr. High, to march with band. Friend from K-12: Arleta Bathurst, played piano & cello; we were in competition for grades in elementary school. She usually did better. Active in sports: in Jr. High took dancing and Jr. coaching classes; at SBHS was mbr of GAA classes & teams. Pres. of GAA when a senior, & school was Pres. So. CA. Association. Active: First Presbyterian Ch., Church & E Sts, SB. Joined it when about 12. Can remember being there during WW II when parents baked cookies for USO, & decorating tables for meetings of Mariners when about 6 yrs old. Occasionally taught a SS class (for Mr. Mackey), helped with Bible School. As sr., was Presbytery Chrmn. of JrHi activities. New church erected at 1900 D St. while in High School. Worked as waitress while husband in attended Cal Poly, SLO on GI Bill. 1959-76: Congregational Church, BP: Sunday School Teacher, mbr of Priscillas Circle, Pres. of Women's Fellowship (1965-66). Camp Fire asst' leader (1 yr), leader (4 yrs); member of CFG Board for 5 yrs including Membership Chr., 2nd VP and President. 1977 Grad. Cal State Univ. at Fullerton, CA. (Biology) 1976-78 & 1981-83: Lived at Long Distance Missile Test Range, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Trust Territory of the Pacific.

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