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Have added some documents.

Hi - Welcome to our home page

This is a spare time project for us, so it may be quite a while before we get this site the way we want it. Please consider it "Under Construction".

We have put up part of our direct lines in the Family Tree and would love you to take a look and tell us what you think of it. It's in a format that we haven't used before and we're not quite sure how it will look on different browsers. There is a list of surnames, kind of a index into the trees, and if you click on one of them you should link into the tree where the person with that surname links into our family. Then you may click on any active name in the tree to link into the tree where that person is in the Head position.

At the bottom of each tree you should find a link to the Family Sheet of the person in the Head position. These sheets contain, pretty much, all we know about the family. While the trees will all come up in the same browser window, the family sheet should come up in a different window so that when you're done with it you can close that window and return to the tree.

We're just getting started on the Photo Album page and our Favorite Link's page only has links to the other sites we are working with on the Web.

Please take the time to send us a note, we'd really like to hear from you.

Ted & Carole Miller

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