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As you will see in the following, we are genealogy nuts, and spend most of our waking moments extracting data, scanning books and walking cemeteries, to provide genealogical and historical data on the web.

Web Sites We Coordinate

We have been supporting the NEGenWeb Project since 1997, and are coordinators of the following sites.

County Unknown

Site dedicated to helping viewers find where in Nebraska their relatives lived.

Merrick County

Provides historical, genealogical and topographical information about Merrick County Nebraska. Includes lists from gazetteers, cemetery, and marriage records.

Nance County

Provides historical, genealogical and topographical information about Nance County Nebraska. Includes lists from gazetteers, census, and marriage records.

Nebraska in the Civil War

An effort to collect and present information about civil war veterans who lived in Nebraska. It expanded to include any military material related to the state, and is now coordinated by Gynon Nash. 

NEGenWeb Project On-Line Library

Home page for the NEGenWeb On-Line library. A newer project to produce books, journals, publications and newspaper articles for the Web.

Nebraska Newspapers

Past & Current Newspapers in Nebraska and the newspaper extract files of Nebraska State Historical Society (NSHS).

"Etc." - Other Resources

Informative pamphlets and articles - most originally published by NSHS, including the "Genealogist's Corner" of their current newsletter HISTORY (all done by permission).

Nebraska Records

Advisory page on finding records in Nebraska.

Nebraska Photo Album

Collections of photographs from all over Nebraska; lists of book illustrations, etc.

Books etc. produced for the Web

In additon to our county coordination activities, we have been active in scanning and producing books, pamphlets and newspaper files for the web. The following are the some of the results of those efforts.

The 1890 NE Gazetteer

This is a coordination effort for the state wide project to produce the Nebraska State Gazetteer, published in 1890. It has been "in the works" almost two years. We're approaching the end of another statewide project, "Who's Who in Nebraska", 1940.

Nebraska, It's Characteristics and Prospects.

by Prof. James D. Butler, LL.D. 1873. Promotional pamphlet for settlers to NE. Burlington & Missouri River R.R. Co. Reprint by NSHS in 1974.

Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record

Journals of the NE Genealogical Society that disbanded during WW II.

Platte County, Nebraska - Past and Present of (1915)

First books we scanned, thanks to Mr. Trautwein of Columbus Library, NE. Object - to reduce the wear & tear on copies still in existence. Both volumes done in 30 days! It has been stored on at least 2 different servers in the past, is now on RootsWeb. More recent Platte County history by Margaret Curry (1950) has not been released.

Compendium of History, Reminiscence and Biography of Western Nebraska, 1909

A book containing biographical sketches of hundreds of prominent old settlers, citizens of WESTERN NEBRASKA

Compendium of History, Reminiscence and Biography of Nebraska, 1912

A companion book to that above covering, mostly, central and east central Nebraska. In total 1000 pages of biographies. Fully indexed. Three other volunteers copied, scanned and proofed to make this book possible.

Johnson's History of Nebraska

The History of Nebraska, by Harrison Johnson, published in 1880. No biographies. Historical and topographical information and articles on the counties and towns in existance at that time.

Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences

"This Book of Nebraska Pioneer Reminiscences is issued by the Daughters of the American Revolution of Nebraska, and dedicated to the daring, courageous, and intrepid men and women - the advance guard of our progress - who, carrying the torch of civilization, had a vision of the possibilities which now have become realities."

The Journals of William Walker

From the Proceedings and Collections of The Nebraska State Historical Society Second Series, Vol. III, The Provisional Government of Nebraska Territory and The Journals of William Walker.  Have done other volumes of this series since.

History of NE, Morton & Watkins

The History of Nebraska, by J. Sterling Morton & Albert Watkins, published in 1918. No biographies. Mainly political and religious history.

   Some OLD books are available because Pam Rietsch purchased them as part of the MARDOS Collection, for reproduction on NEGenWeb Project.
   Other books appear because the authors supplied a copyright release (Fullerton's First 100 Years, Bellwood Centennial, Funs of the Pioneers). We have also done a history book (1880) that belonged to Uncle Vic Schober, and a history text (1920) used by one of Carole's parents.  Have found little info that relates to our own lines other than census data.
   All this is to say - we don't spend alot of time on our homesite because our major goal is to get basic texts & extracts on-line for other amateur genealogists. Find that many people have things they are willing to share - so they send stuff to be included in the NEGenWeb Project Resource Center!
   If you are family - you have a right to complain because we've bugged you for years with questions, and copied your photos, and asked you to walk cemeteries with us! We really are trying to "get all of it together" so you can copy down that portion that is of interest to you.

January 2003 - We continue to reproduce old materials for NEGenWeb Project and for the Mardos Memorial Library. (Pam Rietsch expects to move her collection to a different server so the urls will change when that happens). We are currently "baby-sitting" some additional Nebraska counties (have done that in the past as well). Are posting extracts of old newspapers, etc. Some photo pages have been added to this website in the past year - most for collateral lines. Some family obits have been posted to the Merrick & Nance websites. All we need is days that are twice as long ... T&C

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