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Records and Documents
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Some of the records cited on the family sheets are now available on-line.
These can be consulted in same manner you would use any internet site.
We don't intend to repost them here, not even the extracts (grin).

Merrick County - 1885  
Merrick County - 1900 Special Veterans Returns for 1890
Merrick County - 1920 Merrick County, NE
Merrick County - 1930 Nance County, NE
Nance County - 1880 Platte County, NE
Nance County - 1885  
Nance County - 1900  
Nance Co - 1920
Nance Co - 1930  
Platte County - 1900  



Birth & Death Certificates for Nebraska-
(also marriages)
Can be ordered on line from the state vitals office using a credit card. Birth & deaths were registered by the state starting in 1904-5. Marriages were registered with the state starting in June 1909.

Nance County Cemetey Extracts - Booklets published by BNGS
Platte County Cemetery Extracts - by Platte Valley Kinseekers, and published through NE State Genealogical Society

Marriages in NE - copies are generally less expensive if ordered from the County Courthouse by mail. County marriage records begin in the year the county government was formed.
On-Line Resources for Nance County, NE
(includes marriage extracts)
On-Line Resources for Merrick County, NE
(includes marriage extracts)
Platte County Marriage Extracts are available as publications of PVK, via NSGS

Merrick County - Bureau Cemetery (Pierce Chapel)
extracts and photos of stones are on-line
Most of the MILLERS and EVANS are buried there.
Also Grandmother Lucy MILLER's SHIVELY family.



Generally, we've copied these at local courthouses.

Obits - Merrick County, NE

GUGIN Records (images)

NEGenWeb OLLibrary

Civil War Bios -
NEGenWeb Project
"Nebraskans in the Civil War" website.

Have posted - Samuel Cook Evans, John Gugin, James Gugin,
William H. Kingdon, Albert Miller, Francis Satterlee,
Henry T. Spoerri (Spoerry).

History of Merrick County, Nebraska Vol II
Articles we prepared for the members of the Miller family who lived in Merrick Co., NE.
Note: I accidentally added a child to one family!

Also wrote the article on VE SCHOBER that appears in the History of Furnas County, NE.

History of Platte County, Nebraska by Margaret Curry (1950)

Look for articles on Fred GERBER, Henry T. SPOERRY, and Vincent KUMMER.


Survey of Gruetli Church Records (Columbus, NE) by Mrs. Uhlmann (now deceased).
Note: Mrs. Uhlmann remembered Emma (Schober) GUTZWILLER!  She had immigrated from Switzerland herself, as a teenager, and her Mother would send her to Gutzwiller's Bakery almost daily. She said she not only got the traditional "baker's dozen" for the family, but another extra bun to eat on her walk home! It was a favorite chore. Knowing she was lonely, Grandma Gutzwiller introduced her to any young people that were around the shop.

Mrs. Uhlmann found that Elise (GERBER GUTZWILLER) GASSMAN was god-parent of a baby born to M/M Joseph BUCHER. That infant died within a short time.
BUCHERs and GASSMANs were later neighbors in San Bernardino, CA. BUCHERs lived on Baseline Ave, just east of Muscott Street. VEG checked on the Widow BUCHER and her sister, until the day he found them in very bad health, and notified relatives in Columbus - who arranged for end of life care. Believe I was about 3 years old when this occurred. -- CJGM


Austrian Family Notes in Bankbook of Eberhard "Wilhelm" GASSMAN
Following death of his only child, "Grandpa" Gassman decided to make VE Gutzwiller his heir. His reasoning - all the money used to start the bakery, etc. had come from Elise's first husband - Virgil GUTZWILLER.

He asked EF Schober to bring Vic Gutzwiller to California. He wanted to leave specifics of Dad's Austrian relatives with the lawyer, and made notes in his bankbook while interviewing Grandpa Schober!
Unfortunately, he left NO notes about his own family. All we've ever learned - EW GASSMAN was born in Germany of a German Father & a Swiss Mother whose maiden name was ZEISS.


VIG Notes - Dana College, Washington County, NE
(write for info, the College is at Blair, NE). Handwritten notes compiled by an amateur genealogist - copies can be secured by writing to Dana College.While the notes include errors - there are lots of handy hints and odd revelations!

We have VIG notes for Kingdon, Jacobson & two Gugins.

NOTE: Dana College has closed (2010). Vig notes transferred to Blair City Library.


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