Genealogy of a Taylor Family

with Origins in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont
(including links to Manning, Case, Phelps, and Porter families)

Alfred Taylor
Alfred Taylor I
(1828 - 1914)
Manning Manse
Manning Manse Tavern
Billerica, MA, 1696
Case House
Jonah Case House
First brick building in
Addison, VT, 1783
Stacy Tavern
Tavern of Philo and Betsey Taylor Stacy
At Site of Philander Taylor Church
Glen Ellyn, IL

There were many Taylors that immigrated to America in Colonial times. It is difficult to title a history such as this so that one can identify the particular Taylor family involved. The earliest confirmed member of the family chronicled herein was a Benjamin Taylor who came to Amherst, New Hampshire, from Middleton, Massachusetts, in about 1752. His family line proceeds from there to Vermont, then Illinois. While there is not a documented link, Benjamin is believed to be part of the family of John Taylor who settled as an immigrant resident of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1671. A substantial group of Taylors in Salem and Beverly, Essex County, can be linked together through birth, marriage, and death records for these towns and Benjamin is believed to be one of them.

The history is presented in seven separate sections, the first three being the direct line of Taylors. As a supplement to this, succeeding chapters outline the history of collateral lines that fed into that of the Taylors. These are given in the order in which those lines joined the Taylor line (see chart below).
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1A.   Chapter 1A. Genealogy of the TAYLOR Family –Taylors of New England
From John Taylor, Immigrant to the children of Benjamin Taylor, Jr. (1757-1840) (26 p.) (September 2017)
With insert for BRADFORD family

1A.   Chapter 1B. Genealogy of the TAYLOR Family –Taylors of Illinois
From Philander Taylor, (1801-1881) to the children of Charles P. Taylor(1866-1940) (8 p.) (September 2017)

1B.   Chapter 1C. Genealogy of the TAYLOR Family – Current Generations
For the privacy of living members, this section is password-protected. Family and friends may contact the undersigned for password. (15 p.) (September 2017, revised)

2.     Chapter 2. Genealogy of the Family of Thankful MANNING Taylor
from William Manning (d. 1666) to Thankful, wife of Philander Taylor. (18 p.) (June 2016)
With inserts for STEARNS, SPALDING, and FRENCH families

3.     Chapter 3. Genealogy of the Family of Sarah CASE Taylor
from Richard Case (d. 1694) to Sarah, wife of Alfred H. Taylor. (23 p.) (June 2017, revised)
With inserts for history of Addison Co., VT, and the Black Hawk War

4.     Chapter 4. Genealogy of the Family of Ruth PHELPS Case
and Early History of Massachusetts and Connecticut

from William Phelps (d. 1672) to Ruth, wife of Jonah Case. (9 p.) (June 2017, revised)
With insert for history of Colonial Massachusetts and Connecticut

5.     Chapter 5. Genealogy of the Family of Josephine PORTER Taylor
from John Porter (d. 1822) to Josephine, wife of Charles P. Taylor. (7 p.) (June 2016)
With insert for family of Margaret HOSSACK, wife of John E. Porter