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William J. Wagner and Rachel A. Walters

William J. Wagner and Rachel A. Walters were married in Allegheny County in 1890. They were issued Marriage License No 24132. It reads:

William J. Wagner, born in New York on the 10th day of Oct 1862, residing at Braddock, Allegheny Co, Penna, occupation millhand not related by blood to the person whom he desired to marry has not been married before

Rachel A. Walters born in Wales on the 13th day of Jan 1869 residing in Irwin Sta. Westmoreland Co, Penna, has not been married before.

Marriage license issued May 12 1890
Married May 12 1890 by Rev. H. F. Shupe
Duplicate certificate returned May 27th 1890.

Allegheny County, PA
Marriage License Docket
Volume 14, page 329

William J. Wagner was living with his family in Swissvale Borough in 1900. William listed his birthdate as October 1866 (his marriage license said 1862), and his birthplace as Pennsylvania. He stated that his father was born in Germany and his mother was born in Ireland. His occupation is Laborer in a Wire Mill. With William was Rachel, age 30, mother of 6 children, all of whom were living in the home. Rachel reported her birthplace as Wales and her year of immigration as 1885.

The six children, all born in Pennsylvania were:

  1. Nellie, born in October 1890
  2. William A., born in May 1892
  3. Edgar M., born in June 1894
  4. Lillie, born in May 1896
  5. Emma, born in February 1898
  6. George R., born in April 1900

Source: 1900 Federal Census for Swissvale Borough, Allegheny County
Enumeration District 508
Sheet 12 B

In 1910, William J. Wagner was living with his family at 147 Homestead Street in the 14th Ward of Pittsburgh, as shown in yellow on the ward map. He appears on line 98 of sheet 16, indicated by a red arrow. William reported his age as 47 and his birthplace as New York. He reported his occupation as machinist in a mill, and reported that he had been married to Rachel for 20 years.

Rachel reported her age as 41 and her birthplace as well as the birthplace of her parents to be Wales. She reported her year of immigration as 1885. She reported that she was the mother of 11 children, 9 of whom were still living and were all living in the household. All nine children were born in Pennsylvania. They were:

  1. Nellie, age 19
  2. William A., age 17
  3. Edward M, age 15
  4. Lillian, age 14
  5. Emma, age 12
  6. George, age 10
  7. Earl, age 8
  8. Caredwen age 5
  9. Chilamina (Mina?) age 2

Missing from the list are Helen Philominus Wagner and Lawrence, whose birthdate Bette had as 1911. Since Rachel reported 11 children in 1910 with Lawrence yet to be born, could there have been twelve children total?

Source: 1910 Federal Census for the 14th Ward of Pittsburgh,
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Enumeration District 464
pages 16 - 17

Nellie and Frank Beck were married in Allegheny County and were issued License Series J, # 19383.

In 1920, the family was living in the 14th Ward of Pittsburgh, at 212 Whipple Street shown in blue on the ward map. Frank Beck was the head of household, listed on line 11. Frank reported his age as 29, his birthplace as Pennsylvania and his occupation to be engineer on a railroad. With him was Nellie, then 29, William E., then 7, Margaret 2 years 10 months old and Elizabeth, eleven months old.

Living with the Becks was Frank's father-in-law, William J. Wagner, then 56, who reported his marital status to be widower. William reported his birthplace as New York, his father's birthplace as Germany and his mother's birthplace as Ireland. His occupation was machinist in a steel mill. Also living in the household were Nellie's brothers and sisters:

  1. Edgar, age 25, a furnaceman in a steel mill
  2. Caredwen, age 14
  3. Philominus H., age 11
  4. Earl H., age 17, brickyard helper in a steel mill

Source: 1920 Census for the 14th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh
Allegheny County, PA
Enumeration District 545
Page 8A

Thanks to Bette Alden for sharing this information about her family.


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October 16, 2000

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