Alina Tesmer

Alina Tesmer

by Harold C. Amacher

For many years, my Uncle Hank carried on a correspondence, In Polish, with relatives in Poland. Hank's grasp on written Polish is not too strong, so the correspondence has not proceeded at a very rapid rate. He wrote to descendants of Julia's brother, Wladyalaw Zielinski, and his wife, Luwida.

They had seven daughters Lucja Wisniewska, Wladsylawa Tesmer, Joanna, Helena, Marta, Maria, and Stefania. Wladsylawa Tesmer has two granddaughters who are in the same generation as Nancy and Roy.

The older daughter, Alina, wrote Hank a letter in English in December of 1979. She asked his if someone In America would correspond with her to help her improve her English. Hank sent me a copy of her letter, and I responded. Thus began my correspondence with Alina Tesmer.Alina Tesmer

She was born in Gdynia June 28, 1961. She is 5'7" tall, weighs 130 lbs., and is very attractive in the photos she sent.

Her parents are Tadeusz and Maria Tesmer. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a "technolog" (technician?). She did mention once that he went to a German school in Word War II.

Her grandfather was an electrician with a railroad, but is now retired.

She has a younger sister, Adriana, who studies piano and flute.

Her Aunt Lucja was in a forced labor camp in Germany from March to October 1945, in Mozerminde-Bremen.

In her grade school, Alina was required to study two foreign languages Russian and her choice of English, French, or German. Alina selected English.

She now attends "City of Gdansk Polytechnic Institute of Architecture." Tuition is free, but she had to pass two months of examinations in drawing, mathematics, and the Russian language. Of 223 candidates, she was one of 60 admitted. She travels 45 minutes by train to get to school in Gdansk.

We exchanged a few gifts, maps, and photos. She sent a peasant doll, and I sent her some drafting pens she had requested. I also sent her some food packages in the winter of 1981.

When the unrest in Poland took a serious turn and martial law was proclaimed a week before Christmas 1981, Alina warned me that our letters were being censored.

I let my correspondence with Alina lapse, although I was never sure why I did so. I sometimes felt that I might be jeopardizing her safety and well being by sending her messages from America which night possibly be misinterpreted by the censors. Alina had never suggested that this night be a problem; she no doubt believed that it worth the risk to keep the lines of communication open to America. Roy never said anything either, but I am sure he was glad when his father stopped getting mail from a Communist dominated country.

Alina is now married and living in the United States. Hank received this e-mail from Alina in May, 2000:
From Alina Tesmer
To "''"
Subject hello
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 132520 -0400

dear Hank,
I was very happy to hear from you and specially excited to find out about e-mail possibilities. knowing you I can expect anything... you are very young in spirit. what with us? I still work for the architectural company , the same I work two years ago. only home we have some changes.
my mother went to Poland with my kids last year and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. thank got , it was benign . kids came back from vacation on their own and she was operated. all end up successfully. she is fine just getting some therapies.
so for the last year I am living on my own with children, fortunately they are more mature and it is manageable. Dariush (boy) is 10 and Sylvia will be 9 this fall. Back home everybody is finemy grandmother-your cousin is going to be 95!!! Lucy, Stefcia and Maria are also fine... off course the age is giving them many reasons to complain at pains and aches. My sister just had a third child - no she has a boy and 2 girls.
My father is finishing a construction of her house and between this and taking care of everybodygrandmother-his mom and grandchildren he if very busy. how are you doing? how is your health? planning to visit NY?
my phone # is 718-980-0343
e mail home
at workatesmer

take care of yourself

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