Robert McAdams and Theresa Scheid, Sharpsburg, PA

Robert McAdams and Theresa Scheid, Sharpsburg, PA

To my knowledge, we are not related to this line of the McAdams family. I met two descendants of this branch through the Internet, and was pleased to exchange information with them.

Robert McAdams, born on September 30, 1860, Missouri was the oldest of four children of William McAdams and Margaret Kern. His brother William was born about 1863 in Pennsylvania. Blanch was born on February 28, 1865 in Pittsburgh. Lilly was born about 1873 in Pennsylvania.

Blanch's April 26, 1887 Marriage License to Richard Harris appears in the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket Volume 4 page 476. Richard was born on November 5, 1855 in Bellville Ohio. Both Richard and Blanch were residing in the 17th Ward of Pittsburgh at the time. Richard's occupation was listed as clerk.

In 1910, Richard and "C. Blanch" were living in Bellvue with three children. The Census indicates that Richard and Blanch had three children, all of whom were still living in 1910. Richard was born in Ohio but both of his parents were born in Ireland. All three children were born in Pennsylvania. Blanch and Richard's children were: Marguerite, born in May 1889, Walter C., born in August 1894, and Richard Jr., born about 1903.

According to Theresa and Robert's May 29, 1895 Marriage License, Robert was born in Missouri and Theresa was born in Sharpsburg. Robert was living in Aspinwall.

Theresa and her family appear in the Sharpsburg Federal Census of 1870 page 209 which reads:

Shide, Nicolas 40 - Works in Rolling Mill
Magdalena - 39 - Keeping House
Mary - 14
Lizzie - 12
George - 10
Jacob - 6
Teresa - 3
John - 1

Magdalena and the children were all born in Pennsylvania. The age for Teresa is consistent with the birth date of May 3, 1867 which she gives on her May 29, 1895 Marriage License.
Kelly Shaginaw writes:
Mary Scheid (Teresa's sister) was my great great grandmother. My grandmother (still living) remembers her and an "Aunt Lizzie Ritter" who is apparently their other sister. Mary married Leonard Stegman. They had 8 children 1 son and 7 daughters. One was my great grandmother who died when I was 11. I knew three of her sisters. The last one died two years ago. I appreciate your help in fitting the pieces together.
In 1880, the family is in O'Hara Township. Their record is in Enumeration District 75 for Allegheny County, written page no. 11, printed page 72. The notation at the top of the page is difficult to read but seems to say, "Outskirts of Sharpsburg."

Nicolas is 50 and "Works in Iron Mill." He lists "Prussia" as the birthplace for himself and his children, consistent with other documents in which Teresa lists her father's birthplace as Germany or Prussia.

Mary is 23, and is the "housekeeper," suggesting that Magdalena might have died between 1870 and 1880
Jacob is 16
"Tresa" is 12
John is 11
and Nicolas Jr. is 9

Lizzie and George would have been 22 and 20 and might have married and moved out.

The columns "Cannot Read" and "Cannot Write" are checked for all members of the household, providing an explanation for the spelling of the last name. When the census taker asked for the spelling of the name, the family was unable to answer, so the census taker spelled the name phonetically.

Theresa and Robert had four sons:
  1. Theresa and Robert's first son was Robert A. McAdams [August 11, 1896 - May 15, 1946]. Robert married Mary Siwek [1910 - 1948]. Robert Jr. and Mary Siwek had 3 sons and a daughter, Ann married Tony Scalise. Robert III married an Ann. Thomas married Carole Myers. Walter married a Helen.

  2. Theresa and Robert's second son was Giarra Lewis McAdams. According to the Allegheny County Birth Register No. 2 1893-1905, Girarra Lewis [male] was born to Robert and "Teressia" McAdams on April 16, 1898. The McAdams family was living at 1919 Main Street in Sharpsburg at the time. In 1910, Theresia Scheid McAdams reports that three of her four children are living. Giarra would have been the fourth child that Theresia reported in 1910. Girarra must have died between 1898 and the 1910 census, living less than 12 years.

  3. Theresa and Robert's third son was Aloysius G. McAdams who married Marie Zuesman and had a son named Raymond. Aloysius died on Sharpsburg on March 9, 1945.

  4. Theresa and Robert's fourth son was Paul H. McAdams, born on July 2, 1902 in Sharpsburg. Paul and his wife Helen had a son, Paul G., Sgt US AAF WWII. Paul married Norma Delores Shoop. Paul H., Sheid Tombstones, St. Mary's Cemetery, Sharpsburg PA.  Click on image for larger view. Helen, and Paul G. McAdams are buried in Section E., Saint Mary's Cemetery Sharpshill.
Robert died in 1916 and Theresa died in 1936. They are buried in Section A, St. Mary's Cemetery, Sharpshill in front of a quadruple marker which reads:

SCHEID JOHN B.1832 1912Uncle
SCHEID NIKOLAUS, Sr. 18301913Father

SCHEID GEORGE 18611879Brother

My thanks to Leslie Best McAdams, Leslie Sickles, and Kelly Shaginaw for sharing information about their family.

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