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23rd Ward, City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County.

Ernest Russell, son of Ralph W. Russell, was listed on the 1900 Federal Census table for the 23rd Ward of the City of Pittsburgh as a lodger at 2162 2nd Avenue, highlighted in blue. In 1910, Gertrude Cain was living with her parents, George and Emma Cain at 38 Renova Street, indicated by the yellow mark.

In 1904, Ernest married Gertrude Cain. The 1904 Pittsburgh City Directory listed Gertrude Cain's residence was listed as 226 Mansion. Mansion Street is indicated by the green line. In a sense, Ernest married the girl next door. The City Directory listed Gertrude's occupation as "asst principal J M Logan School." The J M Logan Elementary School was located on Lydia Street in Homestead, indicated by the red line.

This map is labeled "Map of 15th Ward, Pittsburgh, PA, the "new" ward number. The "23" by Calvary Cemetery on the map represents the "old" ward number. This map is taken from Atlas of the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1911 With New and Old Ward Numbers and Street Name Guide published by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. The Introduction of the Atlas explains that the City of Allegheny, now the North Side of the City of Pittsburgh, was a separate city until 1907. The annexation of the City of Allegheny into the City of Pittsburgh resulted in duplicate ward numbers and street names. Wards were re-numbered, resulting in the old Ward 23 being reassigned the number 15, as we know that ward today.

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