Nettie Sznarbach and
Steven Ferencie

Anastazysa or "Nettie," the fifth of the seven Sznarbach children, was born on February 3, 1908. She married Steven Ferencie.

My father writes, "When my father finished off the attic on W. 58th Street, my Uncle Steve and Aunt Nettie stayed in one of the upstairs bedrooms for a few months when they were first married.

"Steve Ferencie worked in the paper trimming industry. His employer, the Dyment Co., moved him and his family to Cincinnati in 1938, but after a year or so, they came back to live in Cleveland.

"Steve lost several of his fingers at different times during his life, some to the paper shearing machines he worked with and some, I was warned, to firecrackers. Hank points out that Steve's loss of fingers did not stop him from bowling or pitching softball.

"Steve was a giant, very strong and absolutely fearless. He was also something of a showoff. Steve could break the shell of a boiled egg by positioning it just so in the inside of his elbow, and then raising up his forearm to make his biceps bulge.

"Thinking this over fifty years later, I realize now that not one of my uncles ever missed a chance to play a trick on me.

"Once, while on a picnic at Nelson's Ledges, Steve rescued a man who had fallen among the rocks. He climbed down, threw the victim over his shoulder and climbed back up out of the pit.

"When my father was building his house on Pettibone Road, Steve bought the adjacent lot and he began to build. First, he constructed a massive garage with re-enforced walls and ceilings that would be strong enough to lift a truck. Then he moved his family into it while he started the house. After my parents sold out on Pettibone, I never went back to see the final result."

Nettie and Steve had four children: Monica born June 8, 1933, Richard, born January 26, 1940, Steve, born November 15, 1941, and "Ted" born January 12, 1945. This is a picture of the Petron family.Petron Family

Monica married Joseph Petron on February 2, 1957. They had four children: Kathleen, born August 29, 1958, Veronica, born February 27, 1960, Steven, born September 18, 1962, and Mary Jean born February 2, 1966. Veronica wrote in February, 2003 that she now lives in Stow.

Mary Jean Petron met John Malek, born on July 21, 1961. They were married on October 12, 1992.

Richard Ferencie married Jan. They had two daughters, Rachael and Sarah. Sarah married Jon Shoop.

Steve Ferencie married Karen Lee Jordan on April 1, 1989. Their web site is
Steve and Karen's son, Steven, was born on July 23, 1969. He married Cristy Youngel on September 23, 1995.

"Ted" married Ruth. They have a son, Edward, born in 1978, and a daughter, Kelly.

My father told me the following story. I repeated it to Ted and Ruth, and she nodded, indicating to me that it is largely true:

When Ted Ferencie was getting married, he took his bride-to-be to the courthouse to apply for a marriage license.

     "Groom's name please?" asked the clerk.

     "Charles Ferencie." Ted replied.

     "I didn't know your name was Charles," said Ruth, the bride-to-be.

     The clerk continued, "Groom's mother's name, please?"

     "Anastazysa Ferencie" Ted replied.

     "I didn't know your mother's name was Anastazysa" responded the confused bride-to-be. All of Anastazysa's generation preferred to be called by more American versions of their Polish names.

     The clerk was equally confused by now. He turned to Ruth and asked, "Are you sure you know these people?"

Ted's niece Mary joined the e-mail "loop." in November, 1999.

Hello everyone. As Uncle Hank said I'm Monica Petron (Ferencie)'s daughter; she's Nettie's (uncle Hank's sister) oldest child. Her brothers are Richard, Ted, and Steve.

Uncle Hank was gracious enough to get me online with all of you. I must say however that I'm not great at reading my mail regularly. I'm trying to do so more frequently. I'd love to hear from you. If you could just do me the favor of explaining our relationship that would be very helpful.

I live in Streetsboro, Ohio with my husband John. We have no children. I've been trying to learn more about our family. It takes a lot of time but it's so well worth it! It's been such a blessing to get to know about our history. By the way, does the Snarbach family have family reunions??

God bless in the meantime.
Mary was a former Miss Ohio. She is working on a doctoral dissertation in Sociology at Kent State University.

Steve Ferencie died on October 12, 1970 and was interred at Calvary Cemetery.

Nettie died on February 22, 1989 at Brentwood Hospital. Services were held at St. Mary's Church, Bedford. She was laid to rest in Section 91 of Calvary Cemetery.

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