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George B. Snyder and Elveretta McAdams

George and Elvretta's Marriage License is Number 163 and is recorded in Volume 1, page 55 of the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. Allegheny County began requiring marriage licenses in 1885, making George and Elvretta's license one of the first recorded. The entry in the Marriage License Docket reads:

George B. Snyder born in Westmoreland County Penna on the 20th day of July A.D. 1863, residing at Boro of Braddock Pa occupation Laborer
Not related by blood or marriage to the person whom he desires to marry has not been married before
Elveretta McAdams born in Braddock Borough Pa on the 3rd day of July A.D. 1868 residing at Boro of Braddock Pa occupation ________ has not been married before
1885 October 22nd Marriage License issued
188 ________ Consent of _____________, residing at _________________ filed
Married Oct 22nd 1885
1885 October 26" Duplicate certificate returned by E. W. Bosworth V. D. M.

NOTES: Elveretta was the daughter of William C. McAdams, Sr. and Margaret Porter and the granddaughter of George McAdams and Elizabeth Faith.

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