McPike Marriage License

Harry McPike and Alice C. Molloy

Harry and Alice's Marriage License is Series D, Number 495. It is recorded in Volume 50, page 165 of the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. It reads:

Harry McPike born in France on the 5th day of Mch A.D. 1866, residing at Rural Ridge Pa occupation Farmer
Not related by blood or marriage to the person whom he desires to marry has not been married before _________
Alice C. Molloy born in Baltimore Md
on the ~~~ day of ~~~~ A.D. 18 ~~~ residing at 31 - 6th Ave McKeesport
that she is twenty five (25) years of age
occupation ________ has not been married before _______
Marriage License issued Sept 5 1899
Consent of ___________________ , residing at ________________
Consent Filed ___________________ ; Married Sept 6 1899
By Rev. T. R. Rea Duplicate certificate returned Sept 8 1899

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