McAdams - Husken Marriage License

Howard Raymond McAdams and Marie Elizabeth Husken

Howard and Marie's Marriage License is Number 7150 Series K. It is recorded in Volume 95, page 359 of the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. It reads:

NameHoward Raymond McAdams Marie Elizabeth Husken
Residence Wilkesbarre Pa
Age42 Birthplace Allegheny Co, Pa 45 Birthplace Penna
Married before?     Yes Dissolved by Death 1904 No.
Consent of Father, Surviving Parent, Guardian _____Anne W. Husken
License issued June 28 1916 Duplicate returned July 7 1916
Married June 28 1916 By Frank T. Redinan J. P.

NOTES: Howard was the son of William McAdams and Sarah Hearn. Marie was the daughter Fred Husken and Lena Wood.

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