McAdams - Beck - Wagner Marriage License

Frank Beck and Nellie Wagner

Frank and Nellie's Marriage License is Series J No. 19583. It reads:

Frank W. Beck born in Wilkinsburg Pa on the __ day of ___ A.D. 18__, residing at Braddock Township occupation Carneman
related by blood or marriage to the person whom he desires to marry has not been married before _________,
Nellie W. Wagner born in Braddock Pa on the 12 day of Oct A.D. 1890 residing at 212 Whipple Street, Pittsburgh occupation __________ has not been married before _______ Marriage License issued April 14 1916
Consent of __________________, residing at_____________
Consent Filed _________; Married April 14 1916
By John R. Wolf, a Minister of the Gospel, in Wilkinsburg, PA Duplicate certificate returned _______

NOTES: Frank was the son of David J and Susan Beck. Nellie Wagner was the daughter of William J. Wagner and Rachel A. Walters whose 1890 Marriage License was recorded in the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. Nellie was the mother of William Edward Beck, and the grandmother of Bette Alden.

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