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Alfonsus Helbling and Mary Larkin

Alfonsus Legorius Helbling Sr. and Mary Gertrude "Molly" Larkin's Marriage License is Series F, Number 1788. It is recorded in Volume 69, page 298 of the Allegheny County Marriage License Docket. It reads:

Alonsus L. Helbling Mary G. Larkin
BornNavarre O. Aug 16, 1866 Pgh Pa Nov 24, 1875
Residence401 N. Negley Ave Pgh Pa. 3447 Melwood Ave Pgh Pa.
OccupationSecretary Applicants are not related by blood
Married before?     No No.
Consent of ____________________
License issued May 1 1905 Duplicate returned June 12 1905
Married May 2 1905 By E M McKeever

NOTES: Mary was the daughter of Charles and Catherine Larkin.

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