McAdams - Keally Marriage License

James McAdams and Mary Keally

In 1885, Allegheny County legislation standardized the marriage license process. Prior to 1885, each city had its own requirements. James and Mary's Marriage License was recorded in the 1873 City of Pittsburgh Marriage License Docket, page 215. It reads:

1.  Full name of husband: James E. McAdams
2. Occupation: Mechanic
3. Residence - No. Butler Street, 15th Ward
4. Birthplace: Pittsburgh
5.  Age when married: Twenty Fives Years
6. Full name of wife previous to marriage: Mary Keely
7. Residence: Penn Avenue, 13th Ward
8. Age when married: Twenty Three Years
9. Date of Marriage:January 9, 1873
10. Where Married:At St. Mary's Catholic Church 45th Street
11. Color of parties: White
12. Ceremony employed: Catholic
13. Name of person performing the ceremony: Rev A. P. Gibbs
14. Residence, No.: 45th Street, 17 Ward
15. Date of Certificate: January 9, 1873
16. Date of registration: January 12, 1873

NOTES: James was the seventh of nine children of James McAdams and Sarah Fagan . Mary was the fourth of five children of Charles Keally and Amelia Dunn. James and Mary had one child: Charles Vincent McAdams [November 3, 1873 - January 25, 1927].

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