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The Swope Family

Swope is an Americanized version of the name Schwab.

I.     Yost Swope was born on February 22, 1678 in Leiman-Duchy of Baden, Germany. His mother's name was Anna Catherine Schwab. He died 1735 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and is buried at Heller's Church in that county. It is from Yost and his son John that our family is descended.

     1.      John Swope born May 26, 1704. Died Dec 18, 1780. John Swope married first Anna Dorothea Line. Ten children were born to this union. Anna Dorothea died. John remarried and it is from this union that John Adam was born.
John Swope married secondly Catherine Elizabeth Grove (Graeff or Greve). They had issue as follows:

John Jacob SwopeBorn June 1744
Christiana Swope Born Nov 10, 1745
John Henry Swope Born March 10, 1747
Maria Sabina Swope Born December 1748
Susanna Swope Born May 1750
John Daniel Swope Born Nov 1751
Anna Elizabeth Swope Born Nov 12, 1753
John Adam Swope Born May 2, 1756
Hereafter in our genealogy John Adam will be known as Adam.

Yost Swope1 - John Swope2 - Adam Swope3

     Adam Swope Swope3 married Sarah Grabill of Lancaster County, who was born May 18, 1765.
     Adam bought a farm and other property near Littlestown where he lived until his death. He was also a larger holder of Virginia lands. Adam Swope was a member of a military organization known as the "Associators" belonging to Capt. Roland's Co., associated July 5, 1775 for the defense of American liberty. He died February 7, 1821 and is buried in the churchyard of St. John's Lutheran Church at Littlestown, Pa. Their children were:

l. Catherine Swope Born March 7, 1784
2. Johnathan Swope Born May 5, 1787
3. Samuel Swope Born April 16, 1791
4. Ephriam Swope Born July 4, 1796
5. Susan Swope Born June 1, 1799
6. Elizabeth Swope
Yost Swope1 - John Swope2 - Adam Swope3 - Johnathan Swope4

     Johnathan Swope born May 5, 1787 in Lancaster County, Pa. married Elizabeth Brothers in Adam County at Littlestown. In 1857 he moved to Fulton County, Ill. where he bought a farm. He died in 1868 at Astoria, Ill.

Their children were:

1. Jacob Swope Born July 2, 1811
2. Edward Swope Born October 12, 1814
3. Levi Swope Died at age 14
Yost Swope1 - John Swope2 - Adam Swope3 - Johnathan Swope4 - Jacob Swope5

     Jacob Swope5 was born July 2, 1811 in Adam County, Pa. He was married there January 19, 1833 to Elizabeth Musser who was born October 19, 1814. They lived in Adams County until 1857 when he moved to Fulton County, Ill., to which his son Edward preceded him in 1856. Jacob bought a farm there. He died April 8, 1887. Their children were:

1. Edward F. Swope Born December 25, 1835
2. Catherine Ann Swope Born November 16, 1838
3. Jane F. Swope Born September 30, 1840
4. Elizabeth B. Swope Born July 1, 1842
5. Jacob W. Swope Born October 21, 1843
6. George Dallas Swope Born May 17, 1845
7. Maria Swope Born May 17, 1845
8. John H. Swope Born September 22, 1851
9. James Riley Swope
10. Walter Harmen Swope
Yost Swope1 - John Swope2 - Adam Swope3 - Johnathan Swope4 - Jacob Swope5 - Edward F. Swope6

     Edward F. Swope6 was born at Spring Forge, York Co., Pa. December 5, 1835. In 1856 he moved to Fulton Co., Ill. He married Frances E. Brown in Astoria, Ill. Frances E. Brown was born at Lodi, Seneca Co., New York December 3, 1837. They lived in Illinois until 1870 when they to Nemeha County, Nebraska. Frances died December 1891 near Stella, Nebraska. Their children were:

1. Clinton Swope Born February 18, 1859 at Canton, Ill.
2. Annie L. Swope Born May 1, 1861 at Canton, Ill.
3. Charles M. Swope Born August 16, 1863 at Astoria, Ill.
4. William C. Swope Born August 15, 1865 at Astoria, Ill.
5. Arthur L. Swope Born September 28, 1869 Died July 23, 1870
6. Ina F. Swope Born May 29, 1871 near Aspenwall, Neb.
7. Edgar Lloyd Swope Born February 28, 1875 Died at age 18
8. Frank Lawrence Swope Born October 15, 1877
9. Walter H. Swope Born October 29, 1880
Yost Swope1 - John Swope2 - Adam Swope3 - Johnathan Swope4 - Jacob Swope5 - Edward F. Swope6 - William C. Swope7

William C. Swope7 was born August 15, 1865 near Astoria, Ill. He died January 31, 1954 at Albuquerque, N. M. He married Celia Julia Burke July 4, 1892. They were married in St Patrick's Catholic Church, near Edmond, Oklahoma Territory. Celia Julia Burke was born February 8, 1869 near Stella, Nebraska. She died June 5, 1951 at Albuquerque, N. M. William C. moved with his parents to Nemaha County Nebraska when he was five years old. Celia J. to Oklahoma Territory with her widowed mother in 1890. A brother C. M. Burke had come to Oklahoma Territory in 1889. William C. came to Oklahoma Territory in 1890. William C. and Celia J. had eight children, five of whom were born near Edmond, Oklahoma Territory. In 1902 William C. came to Roger Mills County, Indian Territory where he filed on land. In 1903 he moved his family to Roger Mills County where the other three children were born.
Their children were:

1. Edward Patrick Swope Born December 4, 1893Edmond, Oklahoma Territory
2. Leo John Swope Born February 3, 1895 Edmond, Oklahoma Territory
3. Mary Frances Swope Born June 19, 1897 Edmond, Oklahoma Territory
4. Marguerite Irene SwopeBorn March 20, 1900 Edmond, Oklahoma Territory
5. Cecelia Catherine Swope Born June 22, 1903 Edmond, Oklahoma Territory
6. Helen Patricia (Nell or Nellie) Born January 31, 1907 Roger Mills Co.
7. Vivienne Gertrude Swope Born November 25, 1910 Roger Mills Co.
8. Genevieve Loretta Swope Born February 17, 1913 Roger Mills Co.
William C. and Celia J. Swope are buried in Calvary Cemetery Albuquerque, N. M.

Thanks to Gini Hagen for these family documents.


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