Addie Amacher and Otto Fisher

Addie Amacher and Otto Fisher

Addie Amacher and Otto Fisher

Addie, the fourth of the Amacher children, was born on September 21, 1888.

In 1910, Otto Fisher was living with Albert Wider, the grandfather of Carol Morgan.

Addie Amacher married Otto Fisher, a chef, in August 1913.
I have no record of Addie and Otto having had children. Since she and Otto were married for less than two years, and she may have been ill for much of that time, it is plausible that she never had children.

I have no record of what happened to Otto after Addie's death. Since he was a young man, I presume that Otto married again and raised a family. He may have been buried with his second wife.

This picture of Otto and Addie was a postcard with no stamp or postmark addressed to Mrs. Robert Huebner 1881 Eglindale Ave. Cleve. The message reads "Just a line I am well hope you are the same will see you soon Addie."

On July 19, 1915 Addie Fisher died, as did her mother, of tuberculosis. Her funeral was held at the home of her sister, Jennie Huebner. She was laid to rest with her sister and brother-in-law, Robert Huebner in Section 24, Lot 843 of Lake View Cemetery, 125th and Euclid Avenue, Cleveland Ohio.

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