Glasscock Family History 

Searching for answers: Our earliest proven Glasscock (Sanford Glasscock born about 1811 in Virginia) is found in Halifax county, Virginia. He is documented by the 1850 and 1860 Federal Census, along with his Halifax county, Virginia death record.

According to family researcher, Mary Seamster, "He was the son of William and Sarah Sanford Glasscock. Family members say they are buried at the Glasscock Cemetery in Virgilina but they do not have a marker. "

Now, who are the parents of this William Glasscock?   Fathering a child born about 1811, the father estimated birth year would be about 1745-1790.

Documented Glasscocks in Virginia:

Robert Glasscock received two hundred acres in Elizabeth City county, in 1635. The name soon became common, and is of frequent occurrence in the early records of Virginia.
2. Rev. H. E. Hayden, in his valuable "Virginia Genealogies," says: "Glasscock. An English name of antiquity. If the threadbare tradition of the 'three brothers' is correct, there is another family of this name in Virginia," etc. It is, of course, possible that there are two Virginia Glasscock families of diverse origin, but not probable.
It is cause for great regret that genealogical materials for Virginia families are comparatively scanty, or at least difficult of access. Here we have a family, among the oldest in Virginia, and of colonial as well as present prominence, and yet diligent search fails to make anything approaching a satisfactory family record. New England families have, to a large extent been fully studied and described; even where books have not been written, there are records rendering easy of ascertainment the lines of ancestry of many of their present representatives; Virginia families, of equal distinction and prominence, still have their histories involved in obscurity. The Glasscock family is well worth such study as has been given to many New England families; and, if the whole history could be disclosed, it would be interesting and worthy.

(I) (perhaps Hezekiah) Glasscock, the first member of this family about whom we have definite information, in all probability lived in Virginia. Children, so far as known: John, of whom further; Hezekiah.
(II) John Glasscock was a soldier in the revolutionary war. With his brother Hezekiah and his son Charles he came about 1800 from Fauquier county and settled on Pharaoh's Run, in Marion county, Virginia. Later they settled on Indian Creek, Monongalia county, on the Benjamin J. Miller farm; at this place, John Glasscock, his wife, and one daughter are buried. Children: 1. Charles, of whom further. 2. Juda, married Charles Mellette; one of their sons, Arthur C, was the first Governor of South Dakota. 3. Leah, married Mellette. 4. Hezekiah. 5. John; also one other son, and four other daughters.
(III) Charles, son of John Glasscock, was born July 20, 1775, and died in February, 1840. In his young manhood he came with his father and uncle to the present territories of the state of West Virginia. Settling on Indian Creek, in Grant district, he was a miller. He is buried at the Hogue cemetery, Indian Creek. He married Mary, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Leggett) Arnett, who was born in 1794, and died in 1878. Her mother, surviving Mr. Andrew Arnett, married (second) Price. Children: Elizabeth, died in infancy; Andrew, died in infancy; Stephen, deceased; John, deceased; Malinda, deceased; Minerva, born about 1823, died in 1912, married Teter Arnett; Hezekiah, deceased; William S., born about 1827; Daniel, of whom further; Letitia, deceased, married Kerns; Arnett, deceased; Charles, deceased; Indy B.
(IV) Daniel, son of Charles and Mary (Arnett) Glasscock, was born at Arnettsville, Virginia, in 1828, and died in 1910. He was a farmer. Honest, industrious, frugal, loyal to duty, he was a good citizen. He early gave his adhesion to the newly formed Republican party. In religion he was a Methodist. He married (first) in 1855, ___________ Musgrave, who died in 1857; (second) in 1859, Prudence Michael. Children, all except the first-named by second wife: 1. David. 2. Stephen A. D. 3. William Ellsworth, married Mary Alice Miller; at this date, in 1912, he is governor of West Virginia; his wife is descended in the sixth generation from Colonel John Evans. The line is as follows: (I) Colonel Evans, of Welsh parentage, and a leader in the early days of the settlement of the Monongahela Valley, married Anne Martin. (II) Dudley Evans, their son, married Anarah Williams. (III) Margaret Evans, their daughter, married Jacob Miller. (IV) Dudley Evans Miller, their son, married Nancy Thorn. (V) William Calvin Miller, their son, married Martha Ella Amos. (VI) Mary Alice Miller, their daughter, married Governor William Ellsworth Glasscock. 4. Louverna. 5. Samuel Fuller, of whom further. 6. James F., deceased. 7. Sarah, married M. H. Brown; he is a physician, residing at Morgantown. 8. Mary J. 9. Alice. 10. Zana.
(V) Samuel Fuller, son of Daniel and Prudence (Michael) Glasscock, was born March 13, 1867. He was brought up on his father's farm, near Arnettsville. His preliminary education was obtained in the public schools of Monongalia county, in which also he taught for several years. In 1903 he graduated from the University of West Virginia, receiving the degree of LL. B. Immediately he commenced the practice of law, as a member of the firm of Moreland & Glasscock. Several years later he retired from this firm, and formed a partnership with his brother, the present governor of the state, and this continued until his brother's election to that office, in 1908. Mr. Glasscock devotes himself to the general practice of law, and represents numerous important business concerns. He is general counsel for the Morgantown & Kingwood Railroad Company, and for the Elkins Coal and Coke Company. He is a past grand in Monongalia Lodge, No. 10, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. In politics he is a Republican. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.
Mr. Glasscock married, in 1908, Mabel C., daughter of Dr. P. B. Reynolds. She is an alumna of the University of West Virginia, and her father was for many years a professor of metaphysics in that institution. No children.
[Source: Genealogical and personal history of the upper Monongahela valley, West Virginia, under the editorial supervision of Bernard L. Butcher - Transcribed by Therman Kellar]

If you know any more information about this Glasscock family, it would be greatly helpful to me and other researchers. I would certainly appreciate you contacting me.