About Me

As I think of our heritage, I think of our parents. Much to my regret, it wasn't until both of them had passed away that I began to have a real interest in our family heritage. Daddy loved to tell stories about his younger days, I could have learned so much if I'd only listened. I remember stories about when they lived in Mount Calm, but my question remains unanswered because I never ask, "What was the reason for moving to East Texas?" His family were farmers, so he continued with that tradition until the mid 1950's when he went to work for the Soil Conservation Service. Even though he stopped farming the land, he was able to raise cattle until a couple of years before his death. Mother's family was also farmers, she work long hours in the fields, she also helped daddy with his crops as long as he farmed.

My siblings also worked the crops, and being young I thought it was "fun" to go to the fields. About all I remember about the farming was being able to ride on the cotton sacks. Little did I know the hard work that was involved in farming. My siblings and I are blessed with a great heritage of hard work, honesty and love from our parents. Robert on the far left doesn't look to happy about having his "Easter" picture taken. From the looks of my face, I'd been enjoying candy on this Easter Sunday.

Just a little about me... my husband and I have been married over 50 years, we have two children, five grandchildren and one great grandchild and two on the way. We have been blessed to have them live close by, enabling us to be very involved in their lives. One of my greatest joys is to sit and listen to them talk about the many things they remember about being at Nana and Pop's house, times they got into trouble, accidents and near accidents, places we've gone and things we've done together.

In 2002, my sister and I went to Central Texas looking for the tombstone of our great grandfather, it seemed to be no big deal, our cousin had told her before his death, he'd seen the tombstone in Whitney, Texas. After much research and following about every cemetery sign we saw, we were unable to find it. This sparked an interest in finding out more about the family, and my search began. So many researchers have been so generous with their time and information, I hope this website might help others with their research. My goal is for the information to be accurate, so I always welcome additional information or corrections.