Even and Petra Evenson Family


Even and Petra (Granum) Evenson Family


Ole Pedersen Bjugstad (1790-1855)
Peder Olson Granum (1814-1887)
Marthe (Granum) Thoreson (1843-1908)
Petra (Granum) Evenson (1858-1927)
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Migration Pattern

Granum Family: Vardal, Norway - La Crosse Co., WI - Volga, Brookings, SD


Petra GRANUM/Even EVENSON Family Group

Petra Pedersdtr Granum, b. 29 APR 1858 in Bjugstad farm, Vardal, Oppland, Norway, d. 2 MAY 1927 in Volga, Brookings, SD
Father: Peder Olson Granum, b. 15 MAY 1814 in Øvre Bjugstad farm, Vardal, Oppland, Norway, d. 23 JUN 1887
Mother: Kari Jacobsdtr Skjerveneie, b. 8 APR 1821 in Vardal-Gjovik, Norway, d. 19 JAN 1911 in Volga, Brookings, SD
9 children, 8 still living as of 1910.
Age 8 (1865)
Age 22 (1880)
d. 2 MAY 1927 at Brookings Co.(SD Death)

Spouse: Even Mathiason Evenson, Jr., b. OCT 1854 in Norway, d. 9 AUG 1935 in Brookings Co., SD

Father: Mathias EVENSON

Age 26, farmer (1880) - Father Even Oleson? (neighbor)

Married 14 SEP 1878 in La Crosse Co., WI
Farmed JUN 1880 in Brookings Co., SD.
Farmed 1900/20 in Oslo Twp, Brookings, SD.

Children and grandchildren:

  1. Mandla Alida Evenson, b. 29 JUN 1879 in Holmen, La Crosse, WI, m. Simon A. Stumley, 29 JUN 1899, m. Hans P. Bertelsen, 23 DEC 1941 in Brookings, Brookings, SD, d. 2 AUG 1966 in Lake Preston hospital, Lake Preston, Kingsbury, SD; 3 grandchildren
  2. Cora Lovisa Evenson, b. FEB 1881 in South Dakota, m. Joseph Andrews, d. 1909; 2 grandchildren
  3. Selma O. Evenson, b. 6 JUN 1883 in South Dakota, m. Charles 'Charley' Sands, 26 MAY 1913 in Volga, Brookings, SD, d. 1 SEP 1981 in Five Counties Hospital, Lemmon, Perkins, SD; 3 grandchildren
  4. Blenda Palmine Evenson, b. NOV 1885 in South Dakota, m. Bert Dowden, 14 DEC 1911 in Oslo Twp, Brookings, SD, d. 18 DEC 1962 in Volga hospital, Volga, Brookings, SD; 2 grandchildren
  5. Palmer Ernest Evenson, b. 28 AUG 1888 in Oslo Twp, Brookings, SD, m. Lavina Christine Snider, 29 SEP 1924 in Brookings Co., SD, d. 7 MAR 1961 in Volga, Brookings, SD; 1 grandchild
  6. Alvira Matilda Evenson, b. 10 OCT 1891 in Volga, Brookings, SD, m. Louis Jacob Olson, 16 MAY 1914 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, SD, d. DEC 1995 in Arlington, Kingsbury, SD; 1 grandchild
  7. Byron Lawrence Evenson, b. 21 NOV 1893 in South Dakota, d. 11 JAN 1946 in Volga hospital, Volga, Brookings, SD; no issue
  8. Jenifer Diana Evenson, b. 14 OCT 1896 in Brookings Co., SD, m. Sylvester "Ves" Rice, bef. 1941, d. 26 MAR 1985
  9. Myrtle Helen Evenson, b. 27 AUG 1899 in Brookings Co., SD, m. Oscar Hanson, 14 SEP 1920 in Volga, Brookings, SD; 1 grandchild
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