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In general

Please note that not all spelling variations are included here but some common mis-spellings are also icluded. Many changes in spelling have taken place in a time span of several hundred years. In general the modern spelling is put first in the "word" column. 
Since these documents were often written by local farmers you will often find dialectal words and bad spelling.
The values of items are always listed in a bouppteckning. Always record exactly what currency is used since this has changed a lot over time.

The general layout of a bouppteckning (the document)
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Legal text, usually stating: Date of document, name of the deceased, death date and heirs.
Tillgångar   = assets. Also Boets tillgångar = assets of the estate
Skulder   = debts, often a list of persons to whom the deceased owed money
diverse skulder = miscellaneous debts.
Summa   = net value of assets (1) and debts (2)
Closing remarks
Legal text usually a confirmation (oath) that everything is included, signature of the person who accounted for the estate, signature of official valuator(s) (värderingsman, plur värderingsmän / värderingsmenn) and overseeing the procedure, signatures of witnesses (vittnen , vitnen).
Commonly also an account for the sum (percentage) to be paid as tax to the poor and sometimes also a receipt that the sum was paid.


Word T Explanation
st, stk A pieces (counting)
dussin A dozen (12)
tjog A score (20)
egendom A estate, belongings. egendomen (definite form), egendomar (plural, commonly only about real estate)
nämligen, nemligen A viz, namely, i.e. (before the list of inventory)
sålunda A thus, viz, namely, i.e. (before an explanation or list)
därå, derå, därpå A on that
liten, litet A small
mindre A smaller
stor, stort A large
större A larger
bättre A better
sämre A worse, less good
sista, siste A last
sistlidna A last (about time)
parti A unspecified number, "a number of ..."
transport A transfer (sum), at end of page marking the sum to transfer to the next page
diverse A diverse, miscellaneous
tillbehör A accessories, fittings.
sak A plur: saker; things, objects
persedel A plur: persedlar; personal belongings
beg, begagn A used
skräp A junk.
Legal text
The Estate    
stärbhus A def. form stärbhuset, genitive: stärbhusets. estate as a legal entity. From Ger sterben = (v) die and hus = house
stärbhusdelägare A co-inheritors, the people who own part of the estate by inheritance
bo A estate. boet = the estate (objects). boets = of the estate.
"boets tillgångar" = assets of the estate.
kvarlåtenskap, qwarlåtenskap A the estate (objects). kvar = left (behind), låta (v) let
bohag A is plur; all loose objects in a home.
inventarium A plur: inventarier; the objects of the estate, also the list of those
summa inventarii O (Lat) phrase: total value of the listed items.
bouppteckning A estate inventory (the process and the document)
intyga A certify. intygar = certifies (present tense), intygade (past tense). Commonly as a closing phrase
"att boets samtliga tillgångar blifvit redeligen uppgifna intygar edligen < names>"
That all the assets of the estate have been correctly registered (is) certified by <names> 
avlägga A (v) state, give testimony. avlägga ed = take an oath. avlade (past tense)
ed A (n) oath
under edlig förpliktelse,
under edlig förbindelse
A under oath
uppge, uppgifva A (v) tell, state. uppgifvet = stated
anmoda A (v) request. anmodan = (n) request
dölja, undandölja A (v) hide. dolt or döljt = hidden past tense.
begära A (v) request, (here) claim
med vett och vilja A knowingly, lit. "with sense and will"
förrätta A (v) perform
förrättades A (v) (was) performed (past tense, passive)
anteckna A (v) note, record
värdera, verdera A (v) value, appraise.
bevaka A (v) guard, secure, here often re secure the rights of an under age person.
laga A legal
i laga ordning A according to law
rätt avskrivet intygar,
rätt afskrifwit betygar
A correct copy certified by  <signature>
äktenskap A marriage
äktenskapsförord A pre-nuptial agreement
avlidne, aflidne A the deceased
med döden afgick / afled O old expression, literally "resigned by death" = died
lemna efter sig A leave, the estate or heirs left after the person
efterlämna, efterlemna A (v) leave behind, re persons: survived by
förbindelse A here often referring to a relation without marriage, often to describe the kinship of a child.
utomäktenskaplig förbindelse = extra-marital relation
edlig förbindelse = under oath
änka, enka A widow
änkeman, enkeman A widower
myndig A of age
omyndig(e) A under age, omyndige (male), omyndiga (female), e.g. omyndige sonen = the under age son
förmyndare A legal guardian
ärva A (v) inherit
arvsrätt A (n) right to inheritance
arvinge A plur: arvingar; heirs. bröstarvinge = heir of the body 
vittne A plur: vittnen; witness
bouppteckningsman A plur: bouppteckningsmän, bouppteckningsmenn; the person(s) who make(s) the inventory
närvarande A (people) present at the procedure.
värderingsman A valuer, appraiser, the person who evaluates the goods - often the same person as the bouppteckningsman
    for words describing relationship see this article
Money issues    
tillgångar A assets
fordran, fordring A plur: fordringar; claim
skuld A plur: skulder; debt
gravation A plur: gravationer; mortgage
revers A plur: reverser; promissory note, IOU
ränta A interest (on loan)
upplupen A due, as in upplupen ränta = interest due
likstol O payment to the priest for the funeral act. Sometimes as likstols-ko; a cow which then was used for food at the funeral dinner (gravöl)
begravningskostnad(er), begrafningskostnad(er) A cost for funeral
behållning A net value
gottföra O account for, receive. gottföres (passive form)
fattig-andel, de fattigas andel A share for the poor. A mandatory tax as a percentage of the total estate net value paid to the fund for the poor people in the parish. Today only a registration fee for the documents with the court but instead inheritance tax is paid by each heir on their share. Percentage depends on closeness of relation.
guld A gold
silver A silver
koppar A material copper or plural of drinking cups
tenn, then A pewter
mässing, messing A brass
brons A bronze
järn A iron
tackjärn, gjutjärn A cast iron
bleck, bläck, blik O sheet metal (iron). bläck is also = ink.
plåt A sheet metal (iron) - the material or a piece thereof.
malm, brons A bronze
beck A pitch, tar
ull A wool
siden A silk
lin-, linne-, lärft A linen. Homonym linne alternatively refers to textiles in general
halvlinne, halflinne A union-cloth
oblekt linne A brown-cloth
blångarn, blaggarn A lowest quality linen fibre
bomull, bomulls- A cotton
kläde A fabric of wool, prepared to get a "furry" surface concealing the threads.
vadmal A frieze-cloth, homespun
lump A rags, used textiles.
glas A glass (note that Swedish glass = ice-cream !)
trä, tre A = wood (as material) used as prefix in combined words or in expressions like af tre / av trä = made of wood
fura, furu- A pinetree
gran A spruce
ek A oak
björk A birch
al A alder (-tree), (-wood)
ved A firewood
mjölk A milk
spannmål A grain
säd, korn A grain
gryn A grain without shell
mjöl A flour
åker A arable land in general, also a specific arable field
äng A grazing field or field for production of hay
skog A plur: skogar; forest
skogsmark A is plur; forest as a type of land, not a specific location
mosse A marshland
manbyggnad A main building, residential house
köksgång A the kitchen entrance with an outside wind-catching, closed and roofed porch.
fähus A house for cows, sheep etc
stall A stables
loge A part of a barn, usually with a good, sealed floor for threshing or storing machinery.
lada A barn
ladugård A cowhouse combined with barn
vagnslider A part of a barn or attached section (often semi-open) where carts and wagons are parked.
bord A table
slagbord A folding table
stol A plur: stolar; chair
pall A plur: pallar; stool
karmstol A plur: karmstolar; armchair
skåp A cupboard, usually tall
hörnskåp A triangular cupboard, fits in a corner. Some are single, hanging on the wall, some have two cupboards (upper and lower) and a shelf and/or a drawer in between.
skänk A sideboard, usually low, used for serving with drawers and cupboards for plates, bowls and cutlery. From skänka =(v) give, serve.
säng A plur: sängar; bed
soffa A plur: soffor; sofa, settee. kökssoffa = kitchen sofa, s typical Swedish wooden sofa-bed in the kitchen
bäddsoffa A plur: bäddoffor; convertible sofa - combi sofa and bed
byrå, dragbyrå A plur: byråar; chest of drawers
kommod A plur: kommoder; pedestal cupboard
pottskåp O plur=; pedestal cupboard
hylla A plur: hyllor; shelf
tallrikshylla A plur: hyllor; special shelf for porcelain plates. A shelf w a grove and a round, horizontal stick for support at the front.
bokhylla A plur: bokhyllor; book-case
kista A plur: kistor; chest
spis A plur: spisar; stove. järnspis = iron stove (fired w wood)
Misc objects
lampa A plur: lampa; lamp
fotogen-lampa A kerosene lamp
taklampa A plur: taklampor; ceiling lamp
lampett A plur: lampetter; small wall-lamp
lykta A plur: lyktor; lantern
ljusstake A plur: ljusstakar; candle stick (ljus = light, stake = stick)
lyskäring A holder for töresticka (selected wood burnt for light)
fotografi A plur: fotografier; photo
tavla A plur: tavlor; picture, painting
spegel A plur: speglar; mirror
fickur A plur=; pocket watch
armbandsur A plur=; wrist watch (more modern)
väggur A plur=; wall clock
pendyl A clock with a pendulum, wall or table model = väggpendyl, bordspendyl resp.
golvur A plur=; tall floor clock
bok A plur: böcker, böker; book
katekes A Catechism, the book by M Luther
bibel A plur: biblar; bible
Den Heliga Skrift A The Holy Book
psalmbok A plur: psalmböcker; church hymn book
duk A plur: dukar; table-cloth
bordduk, bordsduk A plur: bord(s)dukar; table-cloth
vepa A plur: vepor; long, narrow tablecloth, sometimes used as a wall decoration.
servett A plur: servetter; napkin
handduk, handkläde A plur: handdukar, handkläden; towel
gardin A plur: gardiner; curtain. Measured in längd, plur: längder. Also fönstergardiner = window curtains
sängkläder A beddings, cf gångkläder
madrass A plur: madrasser; mattress
täcke A plur: täcken; bed-spread, quilt, also sängtäcke, sengtecke
bolster A plur=; bed-spread, usually filled with down  dunbolster
filt A plur: filtar; blanket (also the material felt)
lakan A plur=; bedsheet
kudde, puta A plur: kuddar, putor; pillow. huvudkudde = bed pillow.
dyna A plur: dynor; cushion, pillow, pad
kuddvar A plur=; pillow-case
överkast A plur=: bed cover
fäll A plur: fällar; fell, skin rug. fårskinnsfäll = sheepskin as a fell.
Household utensils
husgeråd A household utensils
porslin, postelin A porcelan, postelin is an old form
sked A plur:skedar; spoon
slev A plur: slevar; ladle
skopa A plur: skopor; scoop
gaffel A plur: gafflar; fork
kniv, knif A plur: knivar, knifvar; knife. täljkniv, tälgknif = carving knife
glas A glass, both the material and a drinking glass.
kanna A jug, usually with a handle on the side.
bägare A mug, beaker. W or w/o handle. Usually for drinking. Ususually glass r metal
krus A plur=; jug, jar, usually earthenware.
stop A stoop, always with a side handle. Often of a standard size like halvstop (half stoop) or helstop (full size stoop)
tumlare O tumbler
tallrik, talrek A plur: tallrikar; plate (dinner or dessert size)
fat A saucer or barrel (context will tell which)
kaffefat = saucer for coffee cup, tefat = tea saucer
tennfat A pewter plate
stenfat A stone plate
tråg A trough or tray. Often combined word like baktråg = trough for baking. Always rectangular or else it has another name
hink A plur: hinkar; bucket
spann A plur: spannar, spänner; bucket
ämbar O plur=; old name for bucket
balja A plur: baljor; vat, cowl. tvättbalja = washing bowl (for textiles)
tvättfat A plur=; washing bowl (face and hands)
kar A (= plur); vat, cowl. badkar = bathtub
bryggkar A vat for brewing beer
kärl, käril A plur=; container, receptacle in general, often as suffix in a combined word.
målkärl A plur=; vessel for measuring. mål or mått = measure
mått A plur=; (n) measure both "a measure of" and the object used for mesuring
kokkärl A plur=; cooking-vessel
laggkärl, lagkärl A plur=; container built like a barrel using vertical wooden bars, but smaller than a tunna
kagge A plur: kaggar; keg
tunna A plur: tunnor; barrel. Note that a tunna is also a specific measure
fjärding, fierding O literally a quarter, usually specifying the size of a measure or a barrel. Note that a tunna is also a specific measure.
korg A plur: korgar; basket
kont A plur: kontar; basket, usually worn as a back-pack, made of 1-2 inch wide strips of prepared birch bark.
kastrull A plur: kastruller; saucepan
gryta A plur: grytor; cauldron or large saucepan
kittel, kjettel A plur: kittlar; cauldron but also used in kaffekittel which is much smaller
kruka A plur: krukor; pot, usually clay, earthenware or (soap-)stone. Used as flower pot or storage of food. Sometimes with a lock / låck = lid, often of wood.
burk A plur: burkar; jar, usually glass or metal
tina A plur: tinor; small container. Often smörtina = pot for butter
ask A plur: askar; small box. Often as 2nd part of combined word
svepask A plur: svepaskar; box of special design. Oval form, thin wooden board folded (svept) around an oval, wooden base plate. Commonly with a special snap-lid. Many sizes, used for snuff, small valuables, food or as a carrying "bag" 
låda A plur lådor; box in general
skrin A plur=; small box, usually finer and decorated like for jewellery (juvelskriv, smyckeskrin) or sewing items (syskrin)
bytta A plur: byttor; pot of various sizes but always smaller than 1-2 feet
smörbytta A plur: smörbyttor; pot for storing butter
kärna, smörkärna A plur: kärnor; (butter) churn.
drittel O plur: drittlar; pot for storing and measuring butter.
stäva, stäfva A plur: stävor; small container of wood, flat bottom, sides of several vertical sticks, one longer to serve as a handle. Often used when milking.
skål A plur: skålar; bowl (general)
spillkum, spilcum A simple bowl
bunke A plur: bunkar; bowl
karott A plur: karotter; serving bowl, nicer than a bunke
lock, låck A plur: lock; lid
flaska A plur: flaskor; bottle
butelj A plur: buteljer; bottle (fr French bouteille)
karaff A plur: karaffer; decanter. karaffin = small decanter
panna A plur: pannor; pan, common name for skillet or saucepan 
långpanna A plur: långpannor; oven plate w high sides
stekpanna A skillet, frying pan (cast iron), stekpannor (plur)
fotpanna A plur: fotpannor; any cooking pot with feet (usually 3) intended for use in open fire.
trefot A plur: trefötter; 3 feet support used to put in an open fire to support a pot or saucepan.
lagg A plur: laggar; skillet, usually special for pancakes or plättar
stekspett A skewer, spit
kaffepanna, kaffekittel A plur: kaffepannor; coffee pot for boiling coffee
kaffekanna A plur: kaffekannor; coffee pot for serving
t(h)ekanna A plur: t(h)ekannor; tea pot for serving
kavel A plur: kavlar; roller, rolling-pin. Also brödkavel
kakmått A plur: kakmått; cookie cutter
brödspade A plur: brödspadar; baker's peel
rivjärn, rifjern A plur: rivjärn; grater
tratt A plur: trattar; funnel
strykjärn A flattening iron, in the old days either a piece of iron w handle heated on the stove or a hollow cast iron object in which you placed glowing coals
kafferost, kafferostare, kaffebrännare A coffee-roaster, a small sheet-metal container w a long handle, used over an open fire or on an iron stove.
mortel, mortar, mårtare A mortar (for grinding - not the weapon :-)
mortelstöt, stöt, pistill A mortar pestle
spiskrok A plur: spikrokar; metal stick w a hook at one end to lift the top covers and rings on an iron stove.
sotpanna A plur: sotpannor; ash pan
eldgaffel A plur: eldgafflar; fire-poker
eldkyffel A plur: eldskyfflar; fire-shovel for shovelling cinders or coal
bricka A plur: brickor; tray
nål A plur: nålar; needle. synål = sewing needle. 
fingerborg A plur: fingerborgar; thimble.
redskap A = tools, usually larger tools like garden tools or farming tools like ploughs etc
verktyg, värktyg A tool, tools
snickarverktyg A carpenter's tools
hyvelbänk A carpenter's bench
skaft A shaft (like a broom-stick) or handle (like on a hammer)
handtag A handle, often D-shaped or T-shaped like on spades.
hammare A hammer
slägghammare A sledge-hammer, size between a hammare and a slägga.
slägga A plur: släggor; sledge-hammer (2-7 kg weight)
knoster A plur: knostren / knosterna (only definite form); heavy sledge-hammer mainly for crushing stone
städ, smidesstäd A plur=; anvil
skruvstäd, skrufstäd, skruvstycke, skrufstycke A plur: -n; screw-vice
fil A plur: filar; file
rasp A plur: raspar; rasp-file, coarse file
skruvmejsel A plur skruvmejslar; screw-driver
huggmejsel A plur huggmejslar; chisel
stämjärn A plur=; former-chisel
hyvel A plur hyvlar; planer
rubank A plur rubankar; large, long planer
tång A plur: tänger; tongs, pliars
hovtång A plur: hovtänger; heavy pincers, from hov = hoof
klove A plur: klovar; clamp. filklove = hand-held clamp for holding small objects
krok A plur: krokar; hook
bandkniv, bandknif A plur: bandknivar; knife with a long (curved) blade and a handle at each end.
såg A plur: sågar; saw
slipsten A plur: slipstenar; grinding stone
borr A plur: borrar; drill (both the cutting spiral and the handle for it)
navare A plur=; large spiral drill with a traverse handle for boring large holes, e.g. when stabilizing logs in a loghouse
klyvyxa A plur: klyvyxor; heavy axe for splitting logs. This axe is stabbed into the log and hammered on using a sledgehammer.
yxa, huggyxa A plur: yxor; axe for chopping wood
handyxa A plur: handyxor; small axe, one hand operated
sax A plur: saxar; scissors, ull-sax; wool scissors
bila A plur: bilor; broad-axe
slipsten A grinding stone for sharpening knives etc
våg A plur: vågar; scales
vikt A plur: vikter; weight
besman A plur: besman; measuring tool for weight. see here.
påse A plur: påsar; bag, smaller than a säck (sack), fabric (tygpåse) or paper (papperspåse).
säck A plur: säckar; large bag, sack
spannmålssäck A plur: spannmålssäckar; sack for grain
jutesäck A sack made of jute
skräddarsax A tailor's scissors
ullsax A scissors for wool
bråka, linbråka A flax breaker. A tool made of 3 or 5 parallel wooden bars connected at one end. One lifts 1 (or 2) bars, puts the flax in between and lower the lifted bars do lodge in between the others, thus breaking the wooden parts of the straw.
häckla, linhäckla A carding-comb for flax. A wooden board with a bunch of rather blunt nails. Swing a bunch of flax straws into the nails and pull it out sideways. This process will remove the small wood splinters created by the previous step (bråkning = breaking). When finished you have a bunch of linen fibers. 
karda A carding-comb for wool (ullkarda) or flax (linkarda)
skäkta, skäktekniv O broad, knife-shaped board used to beat the last wood material from the flax, leaving the long fibres. Word derived from old word skäkta; louse since the small wooden pieces on the flax strax (after beating) look like lice eggs on hair
slända A plur: sländor; distaff used when spinning yarn
väfstol, vefstol A loom, often in expression: väfstol med tillbehör or väfstol m tbh; loom with accessories
vävsked, väfsked A plur: vävskedar; weaver's reed
kardstol A small bench specially made for carding wool or flax with a carding-comb fixed to the bench
spinnrock, spinnråk A plur: spinnrockar; spinning wheel
spade A plur: spadar; spade
skyffel A plur: skyfflar; shovel
grep A plur: grepar; pitchfork, several models for different tasks, trädgårdsgrep for garden, dynggrep for dung, potatisgrep for potatoes.
kofot A crow-bar
spett A iron bar for making holes in the ground or leverage
kratta A plur: krattor; rake 
hacka A plur: hackor; hoe, mattock 
korp A plur: korpar; pick-axe 
åkerredskap A (is plural) farming tools and machines
räfsa A plur: räfsor; rake for hay. Wider than a garden rake
skära A plur: skäror; sickle. A homonym = (v) to cut.
slaga A plur: slagor; simple tool for threshing. Two round, wooden sticks, one longer as a handle and one shorter used for beating the plats to separate the grains from the stems etc. The sticks are joined end to end with rings to enable swiveling.
lie A plur: liar; scythe
stång A plur: stänger; pole, bar. järnstång = iron bar.
stör A plur: störar; pole
hässjestör A plur: hässjetörar; pole used for stacking hay. Hässja = stack of hay in the field for drying. Has > 1 pole in a row. Såta or hösåta = hay on a single pole for drying.
årder A plur: årdrerna (only definite form); primitive type of plough with one vertical bar instead of the modern curved blade.
plog A plur: plogar; plough
harv, harf A plur: harvar; harrow
pinnharv A plur: pinnharvar; harrow with vertical pegs. pinne = peg, twig.
tallriksharv A plur: harvar; harrow with vertical, cutting discs. tallrik = plate, disc.
sladd A plur: sladdar; wooden or metal bar or grid dragged over the surface of the soil or a road to even out the surface. Note homonym meaning cable.
kvarn A flour mill (usually hand operated), kaffekvarn; coffee grinder
trösk- A prefix; thresh
tröskverk A = threshing mill
halmhack A = straw cutter. A machine for cutting the straw to small pieces for use in beds for animals or to mix in their food.
nät, fiskenät A fishing net
ryssja A plur: ryssjor; bow-net
(hummer)tina A plur: tinor; creel
ljuster A fishing-gig
körtyg, kiörtyg O see kör-redskap
körredskap, kiörredskap O things used for driving like carts and carriages including the accessories needed.
kärra, kiärra A plur: kärror; cart in general
skottkärra, skottkiärra A plur: skottkärror; wheelbarrow
dragkärra, dragkiärra A plur: dragkärror; usually a smaller, hand pulled cart
vagn, wagn A cart, carriage (also train-cars but rarely in estate inventories)
flakvagn A flat cart
skrinda A plur: skrindor; cart w a flat surface and sides made with separated vertical bars, usually leaning outwards. Commonly used for transporting hay; höskrinda
höskrinda A cart for transporting hay, see skrinda
kälke, kielke A plur: kälkar, kielkar; small sledge
släde A plur: slädar; larger sleigh
getdoning A plur: getdoningar; small sledge w two (metal-clad) wooden runners and a horizontal bar in between. Used in pairs for transporting logs.
sele, seldon A plur: selar  seldon is plural; harness
skakel, skackel A plur: skaklar; trace, thill. Wooden bar, used in pairs, connecting the horse (oxen) to the wagon / cart
skjutsfäll A plur: skjutsfällar; fell, skin rug used to cover passenger's legs in a wagon.
kreatur, kritter, kretter A (is plural). larger farm animals like horses and cattle
hästkreatur A (is plural). horses
nötkreatur, fäkreatur A (is plural). cattle
häst A plur: hästar; horse
sto A plur: ston; female horse
hingst A plur: hingstar; male horse
vallack, valack A castrated male horse
ko A plur: kor; cow
kviga A plur: kvigor; heifer
kalv, kalf A plur: kalvar, kalfvar; calf
fä, fä-kreatur A farm animals other than cattle - like sheep, goats
så, sö O sheep
gris A plur=; pig
so A sow
sugga A plur: suggor; sow
får A plur=; sheep
lamm, lamb A plur=; lamb
höns A is plur; poultry
höna A plur: hönor; hen
tupp A plur: tuppar; rooster
kyckling A plur: kycklingar; chicken
Personal items except clothing
glasögon A spectacles
örring, örering, örhänge A ear-ring
ring A ring
smycke A plur: smycken; jewellery
snusdosa A box for tobacco snuff
pipa A smoking pipe
kläder, kleder A (is plural) clothes
gångkläder A lit. "walking clothes" = clothing as opposed to sängkläder
sorgkläder A mourning clothes.
underkläder A underwear.
underskjorta, undertröja A vest (underwear)
kalsong A men's underwear
benkläder A "leg clothes" (underwear)
klänning, klening A plur: klänningar, kleningar; frock
kjol, kjortel A plur: kjolar, kjortlar; skirt
skjorta A plur: skjortor; shirt
rock A plur: rockar; coat
kappa A plur: kappor; overcoat
nattkappa A plur: nattkappor; night gown
väst A plur: västar; waistcoat
päls A plur: pälsar; fur coat
tröja A plur: tröjor; sweater, pull-over
kofta A cardigan, open in front w buttons
halsduk A plur: halsdukar; scarf
hatt A plur: hattar; hat. cylinderhatt = top hat
mössa A plur: mössor; cap
handske A plur: handskar; glove
vante A plur: vantar; mitten
par A pair
byxor, byxer A (= plur); trousers
strumpor A socks, stockings
skor A shoes
stövlar, stöflar A wellington (rubber = gummistövlar) or riding (leather = ridstövlar) boots
kängor, kjengor A (leather) boots (short)

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