Biography of Bill Byron’s father.
Fri­bj÷rn PÚtursson, born at outer Brekkukot in Bl÷nduhlÝ­. - Born May 16, 1831 at Vatnleysa in Vi­vÝkursveit, died June 18, 1896 at Brekkukot. Parents: PÚtur Bjarnason, born at Vatnsleysa, and his wife KristÝn Jˇnsdˇttir.
            Farmer at Stˇrager­i in ËslandshlÝ­ 1855-62. Later laborer at various places. In the Census of 1870 he resides at Nautab˙ in Hjaltadal and in 1880 at Bjarnasta­ir in Bl÷nduhlÝ­. Between 1866-87 he lived at Gvendarsta­ir at Sta­arfj÷llum, after that he became a laborer at Framnes and from 1888-96 he was a Farmer at outer Brekkukot until he died.
            Fri­bj÷rn was a rather tall and robust man, very muscular and with a broad chest. He was blond with a red beard, skilled and hard-working. He was intelligent and had a rhyming gift like his father, but kept it to himself. He was never wealthy, but always self-sufficient. He was a good horseman and a solid traveler.
            His wife, Sigurborg Jˇnsdˇttir, was born December 10, 1833, she probably died at Skar­ in G÷ngusk÷r­um between 1870 and 80 (church records burned). She was a daughter of Jˇn Jˇnsson, a farmer at Sveinssta­ir in Tungusveit, and his wife Gu­r˙n Gu­mundsdˇttir. After farming in Stˇrager­i the couple broke up, and Sigurborg moved to Hˇlar in Hjaltadal, the children got scattered to various places. In 1867 she moved to Skar­ in G÷ngusk÷r­um and is not found in any records after that. She was a full sister of Monika Jˇnsdˇttir [October 9, 1832 - December 19, 1917], the wife of doctor Sveinn S÷lvason [September 3, 1833 - January 23, 1916] at Skar­.
    The children of Sigurborg and Fri­bj÷rn were:
    Monika Helga, born March 12, 1856. Went to America.
    PÚtur, born about 1857. He had poor health and died young.
    Sigurbj÷rn, born July 31, 1861. Went to America. (note: this is Bill Byron).

Thora, was born December 5, 1865 [١ra Fri­bj÷rnsdˇttir December 5, 1865 - November 4, 1958],  she married Gudmundur Gudmundsson, whose nickname was associated with Hˇlar. They are the parents of Arni G. Eylands [┴rni Gu­mundsson Eylands May 8, 1895 - July 26, 1980 ].
Anna S. Jˇnsdˇttir was a housekeeper of Fri­bj÷rn [PÚtursson May 16, 1831 – June 18, 1896] in Brekkukot, she was born September 3, 1852 at Gr÷f at H÷f­astr÷nd, and died December 22, 1945 at Litla-Brekka at H÷f­astr÷nd. Her parents were Jˇn KaprasÝusson and his wife Gu­r˙n Jˇhannesdˇttir, then working as laborers at Gr÷f (see chapter on Jˇn KaprasÝusson in Volume I of Skagfirskar Ăviskrßr, but Anna is not listed there among his children).
Children of Fri­bj÷rn and Anna:
PÚtur and Rannveig born June 3, 1890, twins. Died after a few days. [June 3, 1890 - June 8, 1890]
Helga, was born December 6, 1892 she married ١rhallur ┴stvaldsson [Bj÷rn ١rhallur ┴stvaldsson November 6, 1893 - September 30, 1962]. Helga is living with her son Ůorvaldur [Ůorvaldur ١rhallsson September 1, 1926 - May 3, 2011] at Ůrastarsta­ir.
Source church records., censuses, account of Helga Fri­bj÷rnsdˇttir and others (J.Ë. and E. K.)

Bill Byron’s obituary

On May 31, 1950, Vilhjßlmur Sigurbj÷rn Fri­bj÷rnsson Byron died at his home in Swan River, Man. at age 88 and ten months old.
He was born at Stˇrager­i in Skagafj÷r­ur 1861. His parents were Fri­bj÷rn PÚtursson and Sigurborg Jˇnsdˇttir.
    At the age of two Sigurbj÷rn was placed in foster care with Ëlafur Sigur­sson and his wife MargrÚt at Langh˙s in Skagafj÷r­ur. He grew up with them until the age of Confirmation.
    He was young when he arrived in this country. He moved to North Dakota and worked on the railroad for a few years. Sigurbj÷rn married Gu­bj÷rg OctavÝa Danielson on January 10, 1896 in Grafton, North Dakota. In 1899 they moved with other pioneers to Swan River valley, where they claimed land and have lived there since. They had ten children, listed here by age:
1.    Constantine Blancheflur married Frank Zinger; she died June 6 in Alberni B.C., only six days after her father┤s death, from a chronic illness at age 53.
2.    Anna J. P., married George Schell
3.    H. F. Garribald, he is married
4.    Daniel E., he is married
5.    Th. Rosefield, he is married
6.    Fri­rika Th. S. married H. Stanbrook, they live in Winnipeg
7.    Victor E. he is married
8.    Clara T. married K. McKenzie, they live in Winnipeg
9.    S. A. Bertel, he is married
10.    Vilhjßlmur J. unmarried lives at home,
They are all residing in Swan River, with the exception of two daughters.
One of Sigurbj÷rn┤s sisters, Monica also moved to Canada, she married GÝsli Thompson [GÝsli Magn˙s Tˇmasson, 1863 - 1908]. The couple lived at Gimli, Man., both are dead. They had four daughters and one son, three of them living in Winnipeg and (Rˇsa) Mrs. Ëli Jˇsephson, both died many years ago. Their son PÚtur Thompson lives at Gimli, Man.
    The funeral took place on June 3 from their home with many people present. He was buried in Fairdale cemetery.

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