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  The information gathered has been from Family, Census records, Family tree's, Old diary's, Family books, Public Internet Gedcom Files and Cemetery listings. Please email us if you know of any discrepencies. We will get the corrections done as soon as possible. Please allow us at least two weeks, since we have job's and families to tend to also. It is our desire to provide accurate information. We do not claim copyright's to any information provided. Many thanks go to Doris Jean Turnbo, Jane Skjothaug, Mandy Vriseno, Wanda Reid, Ben Morrison, Mary Mesmer, Ross Gedeborg, Peggy Landrith Nutt, Leann Mesmer, Bernard Mesmer, James Morrison, Frances Colling, Martha Patterson, Dennis Graham, David Casey, Carolyn Casey, Nina Fuller, Jesse Turnbo, James Cosper, Glenna Curry, Eliese Blanchard, Dave and Marianne Clagett, Shirley Goodwin and many many others.

Our ancestors endured much and some gave up thier lives for our freedom, so that we may enjoy our lives to the fullest. It is our wish that we can tell about some of these people who did so much for us.

It is our hope that this site will be a Blessing.



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