Stultz Family of Henry County, VA - Genealogy

STULTZ Family Genealogy

Information for and about the descendants of
Adam Stultz and Mary Gravely
Henry County, Virginia

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I've been working on this family tree off and on for many years now and have collected information on over 9200 descendants, spouses and in-laws.   Even so, I'm sure I have missed alot of folks.   In 1998 I decided that it was time to share what information I had and seek the help of others who may have more information.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent me information to fill in the branches on the tree.

***If you are a member of our family and would like to be notified as soon as the new site is ready, then send me an email with: your full birth name; your father's full birth name; and if you are or were married, your spouse's full birth name by clicking on this button emailico.gif

Hope you'll come to visit us at our new location!

Jim Williams

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