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Sunday, September 17, 2017


>>> Note from: Alice Hughes
                           1042 Parkview Road
                           Winterville, Georgia 30683
                           Phone:  1-706-742-7560

If you are arriving on Saturday, September 16, you are welcome to spend your afternoon and evening at our house at the western edge of Oglethorpe County.  We can chat, discuss genealogy, or what have you.  We will even rustle up a meal or two.

Unfortunately, there will be a University of Georgia football game on Anniversary Weekend, so make your reservations NOW.  If you choose to stay in an Athens motel, I suggest a motel in downtown Athens [Holiday Inn (also Express); Best Western; Courtyard by Marriott; and others] or anywhere toward east Athens.  [There are no motels in Oglethope County.]

We might be able to accommodate a camper (R-V) or two here at the house.  Otherwise, if you don’t mind a little inconvenience, bring sleeping bags and claim a spot on the floor.



 Directions to our house from east of Athens:  After feeding off Loop 10, Exit 8, head east on Highway 78 till you see Lowe’s on the left.  At the upcoming intersection, turn left but be careful as there is a traffic camera there.  That will be Cherokee Road.

Go north on Cherokee Road for 3.3 miles to the second traffic light, which is in the city limits of Winterville.  [Do not be misled and think you need to turn right on the Beaverdam at the first light.] 

At the traffic light, turn right onto Athens Road, which will become Smithonia Road once you leave Winterville.  The road will deadend at Beaverdam Road in 3.8 miles.  (see where the confusion is?).  At that corner is the Beaverdam Fire Department. 

Turn right on Beaverdam Road.  You'll know you are on the right track when you see Beaverdam Primitive Baptist Church behind the firehouse.  Turn right at almost 2/10 mile.  That will be Parkview Road and is the first road to the right after the firehouse. 

Come down Parkview (like you are heading back to Winterville, and indeed you are) for 1/2 mile.  There will be a curve in the road, a sign saying HIDDEN DRIVEWAY, and a barn on the left.  Turn left into the driveway past the barn and follow it to our house.  Our house number is 1042, which is on the mailbox on the right side of Parkview just as you are ready to turn left, and 1042 is also on a tree beside the driveway.

[Please don’t follow directions from MapQuest or use GPS, as our road simply does not exist as such on that site or on “gizmos.”  The people who have tried the electronic way got lost!]

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