First Families of Gwinnett Program

The First Families of Gwinnett program was begun in 2004 by the Gwinnett Historical Society (GHS). Since then it has fostered much interest and hard work. Proving an ancestor for the First Families of Gwinnett is not an easy process. As of 2007 there were 332 ancestors proven by extensive research by the nearly 80 members of GHS who participated in the First Families of Gwinnett program between 2004 and 2007.


The objectives of the First Families program are to identify and honor the memory of early pioneers of Gwinnett County, to show their lasting mark on the county they helped to develop, to recognize their descendants, and to document records of their lineage.

First Families Pins

The pin [shown at left] was designed exclusively for this program. The shape of the pin is the outline of the boundaries of Gwinnett County as they would have been in 1850. The date (1818-1850) represents the time period that the ancestors would have lived in Gwinnett County in order for descendants to be eligible for the program. The pin is presented to GHS members who have proven their connection to an ancestor in Gwinnett County before 1850. As of 2007 there were less than 100 who had achieved that honor.

Fourth Annual Dinner and Induction

The fourth annual dinner and induction was held 14 April 2007 at the historic Female Seminary in Lawrenceville, county seat of Gwinnett County, Georgia. At that program, the following certificates were presented to newly elected member #1069:

GHS members interested in becoming recognized as proven descendants of families that settled in Gwinnett County as early pioneers may obtain an application package for a $5 fee from the office of the Gwinnett Historical Society at 185 Crogan Street, Lawrenceville (old county courthouse, 2 nd floor) or by writing the society, with the $5 package fee enclosed, to the attention of First Families Program Coordinator, P. O. Box 261, Lawrenceville, GA 30046-0261.

The application package includes all instructions needed to complete the application and submit it with the $20 program application fee for recognition in the First Families of Gwinnett program. Like similar lineage society applications, the member must submit the completed program application form and the required documents proving the direct line of descednt from the pioneer ancestors using copies of birth and death certificates, marriage records, census records and similar documentation. The records compiled in this program will assist GHS in compiling a permanent record of early Gwinnett County families with supporting documentation that can be shared with other GHS members.

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