Stover PipeLine
 ...Stories and tales of the lives and times of ancestors of Cedar and Beaver Townships, Buffalo County, Poole & Majors, Nebraska, beginning with homesteading in the 1870s.

   ...Inspired by a genealogy collection begging to be shared.

Genealogy is something that you never finish.  ..always under construction  ...Not an apology, just a fact,... the nature of the hobby.

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Rod Stover, Kearney, NE
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Dedicated to: "Gram" Stover

Gram Stover; click for more
May Stover (1965)

   My Grandmother, Mary May Clayton Stover, had a marvelous memory and a willingness to share.  I'm thankful for countless stories, facts, clues, and tips while pursuing genealogy in the 1960's.
   Gram lived as a widow for 32 years in Poole, Nebraska, in the same house where she and Bert raised six children. We (my brothers & I) were fortunate to grow up right next door.

...and to: Dad Stover

Glenn Stover; click for more
"Pat" Stover (~1985)

   My Dad, to whom my brothers and I are grateful for the tough decision to stay in (and with) Poole, Nebraska upon returning from WWII.
Glenn Clayton "Pat" Stover , a biography, Pat's store, letters, WWII days, the life of a mail carrier in Nebraska winters, photos, etc.

                                               h = Homesteaded in Cedar Township
Some genealogy and just fun:

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  Rod Stover , formerly of Colorado Springs , Colorado, but as of May 12, 2001 marriage to Connie Schmidt, now living in flatland country on Sweetwater Ave . near Kearney, Nebraska.
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  On Nebraska:    
- There aren't any *&$# magpies here.
- I love foggy mornings... I can't see the mountains.
- Trees never spoil a view; they
are the view.
- Tired of the weather? Just wait a minute and the wind will blow harder.
- It was easy for Nebraskans to discover a new summer drink.... wind tea.
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