Padre Pals Rogues Gallery

Padre Pals Rogues Gallery
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This page contains pictures taken at several functions of Padre Pals, both in Texas and elsewhere. The pictures that show here are thumbnails because thumbnails load much faster than the complete picture. To see a full blown copy of the picture, click on the thumbnail. Click on the Back Arrow of your browser to get back to this page.

The author denies any responsibility for the quality of the composition of any of the photos. Most are candid shots taken in a hurry, but intended to display the laid back, go to hell, let's have a party, atmosphere that exists in the group.


Buzz riding his new scooter on South Padre Island!!

MVC-004F.JPG (64881 bytes) Fran at South Padre, 2002 MVC-005F.JPG (53999 bytes) Fran & Ted - it was their ________ wedding anniversary
MVC-006F.JPG (44931 bytes) Janet & Doris at South Padre, 2002 MVC-007F.JPG (53411 bytes) _______, Dean and Bill at South Padre, 2002.
MVC-002F.JPG (52960 bytes) Paul & Ed W. atSouth Padre, 2002 Bill.jpg (28952 bytes) Bill at Bennett Springs
BettyT,LeAnn,Janet,BettyB,Bert.jpg (79742 bytes) LeAnn, Janet, Betty B. and Bert outside the Reubel Hotel in Grafton, IL. BobBurrow.jpg (76693 bytes) Bob Burrow
Jjanet,BettyB,Bert,Doris&SherryAtHotel.jpg (77202 bytes) Janet, Betty B., LeAnn, Bert, Sherry at the Reubel. LeAnn.jpg (60631 bytes) Lee Ann Burrow
InFrontOfReubelHotel.jpg (67483 bytes) Betty T. Bob, Janet, Sherry, Bert at the Reubel EdW.jpg (67036 bytes) Ed Wilkerson
GraftonHotel.jpg (60362 bytes) The Reubel Hotel in Grafton, IL DorisW.jpg (56221 bytes) Doris Wilkerson. Expecting high water? At Bennett Springs
BuzzDorisBettyT,BertBillSherry&Janet.jpg (89638 bytes) Buzz, Doris, Betty T., Bert, Bill, Sherry and Janet in Grafton.. Note that Bill has a cup glued to his lips. GeneK.jpg (35477 bytes) Gene Kermachek at Bennett Springs
Marge&Ron.jpg (42477 bytes) Ron & Marge Howard at Bennett Springs. NancyK.jpg (32179 bytes) Nancy Kermachek at Bennett Springs.
Bert & Betty.jpg (34119 bytes) Bert & Betty T. at South Padre last winter.  Feet.jpg (25220 bytes) Foot fashion show at Bennett Springs.
Janet&Betty.jpg (43293 bytes) Janet and Betty B. I wonder who Janet is upset with. Buzz2.jpg (53144 bytes) Buzz, the Juice Man, in Grafton.
BettyB&Bert.jpg (66103 bytes) That's Betty B. and Bert. I don't know who is in the center. Sherry.jpg (59637 bytes) Sherry at Bennett Springs.
AJC&Dick.jpg (86920 bytes) A. J. and Dick at Grafton. AJ,Ruth,Dick&Janet.jpg (30361 bytes) A. J., Ruth, Dick and Janet at Bennett Springs.
Bob,LeAnn.jpg (90666 bytes) Bob and LeAnn at Grafton. DorisEdDick&Ruth.jpg (29609 bytes) Doris, Ed, Dick and Ruth at Bennett Springs.
Dick,Bob,LeAnn,BettyB.jpg (103594 bytes) Dick, Bob, LeAnn and Betty B. at Grafton. DickLogan.jpg (61320 bytes) Dick Logan at Grafton.
TheGirls.jpg (57123 bytes) The Girls: Bert, Betty B. Janet, Sherry, Marge & Betty T. Ruth.jpg (66068 bytes) Ruth Logan at Grafton.
AJC.jpg (52332 bytes) A. J. Campbell. The Dr. is in. JanetC.jpg (59887 bytes) Janet Campbell
WillT.jpg (36914 bytes) Will Tucker WillT3.jpg (53043 bytes) Will Tucker in the bushes. I wonder what he is doing?
BettyT.jpg (27569 bytes) Betty Tucker Betty&Fran.jpg (64322 bytes) Betty, Janet & Fran at Tequila Frog's - South Padre Island.
PadrePals1.jpg (85966 bytes) The "Padre Pals" at Tequila Frog's Jack.jpg (79664 bytes) Jack at Tequila Frog's.
Shawnue&Janet.jpg (56670 bytes) Charmie & Janet at Tequila Frog's BertBettyT.jpg (25762 bytes) Bert & Betty T. at Padre
Betty&Ed2.jpg (11208 bytes) Betty & Ed B at a party on Padre Doris&jack.jpg (28102 bytes) Doris and Jack on Padre in the dark
Ed&ed.jpg (17707 bytes) Ed & Ed on Padre. Ed's shirt almost requires sunglasses JANETTED&RUTH.jpg (8378 bytes) Janet, Ted and Ruth. Something was funny. A risqué story perhaps?

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