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Kansas City Cows!

Kansas City is over run by cows! It is a charity project. Professional and amateur artists create life size cows of paper mache or fiberglass. They are put on display and then auctioned off. The proceeds go to charity. I took pictures of a few of them around Union Station, Crown Center and the Plaza. I just scratched the surface. They are all over town.

Click on the thumbnail to get a full sized picture.


In some of these pictures you will see my daughter pushing my wife in a wheel chair and my grand daughter on crutches. My wife is OK, just a little too much walking for her. My grand daughter cut a tendon when she stepped on a light bulb and broke it.

                           The above cow actually gives chocolate milk.

This one apparently likes to play frisbee.

This one is names "Cowputer".

  When is a cow a fish?

That's all. Isn't it enough?


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This page was last updated on 11/30/01.