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This page will be used primarily for Blakeley family photos of past times.


Ed Blakeley (small boy in picture) with his parents and maternal grandparents. Taken about 1928. Left to right: Ed Blakeley, Sr., Ed Blakeley, Jr., Belle Delfs Blakeley, Katie Wiegand Delfs and Gustav Delfs.

     Ed Blakeley, Sr., Ed Blakeley, Jr. and Belle Delfs Blakeley are seated to the left of the man standing. Taken about 1938 0r 1939. My father and I were about to swim in the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

  The four men in the front are, left to right: my father, Ed Blakeley, Sr.; his uncle, Buel Dula Blakeley, my grandfather, Stephen Blakeley and his brother, Bert Blakeley. In the rear, my grandmother Clara Deubler Blakeley; Grace Sydebotham Blakeley, wife of Bert; Mollie Hicks Blakeley, wife of Dula. Taken in Osborn, MO about 1914. My grandfather was a station agent for the Rock Island RR in Kansas at the time.




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