A digital camera showed up for Christmas 2000

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A digital camera showed up for Christmas 2000. It is a Sony Mavica FD 73. Here are a few photos that have been taken since: (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture)

 Betty&BobButler.jpg (63925 bytes)Our friends, Betty and Bob Butler from PA during their visit with us in South Texas last winter. 

Mvc-008f.jpg (77651 bytes)Betty and our friends Mary Gay and Don Schoen while visiting us in May from Colorado.



Below: The Edgewater condominiums on South Padre Island, TX. The arrow points to the unit we stay in each winter.

Below: Sunset from the condo balcony on South Padre Island.

Below: Taken at the Santa Ana wildlife refuge in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas.

The next few pictures were taken at the Atascosa Wildlife Refuge in South Texas

Cardinal&Cactus.jpg (47914 bytes) Cardinal on a cactus.

GreatBlueHeron&Cactus.jpg (67874 bytes) Great Blue Heron

Cardinal&Blackbirds2.jpg (97702 bytes) Cardinal and Redwing Blackbirds

Cardinal&GreenJay.jpg (111063 bytes) Cardinal and Green Jay

Ripley's Believe It or Not came to South Padre Island to film the making of a sandcastle. About eight people proficient in sandcastling met at the beach one morning about 9:00am. The Sandcastle was finished at 3:30pm. It should be on the Ripley Believe It or Not TV program in March. See it below.

Sandcastle(1).jpg (46588 bytes) 

My son, daughter in law and I hired a guide and went fishing. The next picture shows our catch of 25 speckled trout during a five hour trip.

Trout1.jpg (72146 bytes)

This next picture shows pelicans fighting over the fish scraps while the guide was filleting them.

Pelicans1.jpg (61847 bytes)