Stevens and Emmerson Family History

Roger Ernest Emmerson 1945 -2016 died on 26th October 2016.

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Stevens and Emmerson
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Sussex Memories
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West Malling Memories
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My late parents and myself have researched our family trees over many years and you can see the results by clicking on the top four buttons.
My father's family is under Stevens Ancestors and they originated from Swanage in Dorset and later settled in Arundel, Sussex.
His motherís family is under the Sturt Ancestors and they originated in Stopham, Sussex and moved to Arundel.
My mother's family is under Emmerson Ancestors. They originated in Aldham, Suffolk and moved to Dedham, Essex and Southborough, Kent.
My father's memories of his family can be found under Sussex Memories and my mother's memories of West Malling can be found under West Malling Memories.
Any queries or additions contact: Ros (nee Stevens)