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About My Main Lines

My interest in research began with my main lines of Brickner, Hafer, Motz, Jung and Stempel. All of these families lived in the Pittsburgh area. My wife's family came from New York City and Texas. Each line is briefly described and you can link to a map to view the towns where they lived in Europe.

This page is still under construction. The addresses below will allow you to see the towns where my major families lived. I will be adding additional information and pictures about the families in the future.

Germany Thuringia


Mary Schwartz Brückner, her four children and their families emigrated from Kiliansroda, Thuringia, Germany in 1849. Her two older children were step-children from her deceased husband and his first wife. My great grandfather, Frederich Brückner, was her youngest child. Kiliansroda is a small farming community south of Weimar with a central core of farm houses and barns encircled by a stone wall. The town church, which is over 200 years old still stands there.
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The Hafer family emigrated from Triebes, Thuringia, Germany in 1854.

Austria-Hungary Slovakia


Andreas Stempel and Susanna Kraus emigrated separately from Dobsina, Slovakia.

Dobsina, which was originally called Dobschau, was settled by the Unterzips in 1326. This was "the frontier" in those days, compared to the overpopulated Rhineland, and lay in the crusade routes. As the crusaders returned with stories of underpopulated, forrested regions to the east, the Hungarian monarchs were inviting the German agriculturalists, miners, metal workers and town builders to help settle these regions. The Zipser Saxons from the crowed Lower Rhine area were drawn to the opportunities of the region.

The mines in the area were worked for precious metals and iron well into the 1800's. As the newer methods of smelting and forging emerged, thousands of the skilled craftsman and laborers from this region emigrated to the Pittsburgh and Cleveland steel towns at the turn of the century.
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Families from Bas Rhin in northern Alsace

Many people from Alsace emigrated during the 1700's and 1800's to avoid the seemingly endless wars that ravaged the Alsatian countryside and peoples. Three areas in the US, where many families from the towns between Soultz sous Forets, Woerte and Wissembourg settled include eastern Pennsylvania, Saint Louis, Missouri, and the communities around Lyons, NY near Rochester.


Many members of the Motz family emigrated from Lampertsloch, Bas-Rhin, France to the US. One branch, which settled in eastern PA in the 1700's, had daughter's married to Naess, Merkel and Pfeiffer sons. My great grandfather settled in Lyons, NY and his two brothers immigrated to the St. Louis area. A third branch (two families) settled in the Evansville, IN area in the mid 1800's. One of those children had descendants who lived in San Luis Obispo.


Sisters Dorothea and Magdalena Jung emigrated from Retschwiller, Bas-Rhin, France to Lyons, NY, where many aunts, uncles and cousins already lived. Many of these relatives were descendants of the Stell family.

New York City Latvia


The Rosenblum family emigrated to New York City from Rossein, Kovno, Latvia to escape the progrom against the Jews in the late 1800's.

The Southern Connection


Mitchell Boling was born in eastern Tennessee, moved to Oklahoma and died in Texas. His daughter, Mollie, married James Madison Pearce, in LeFlore County, OK. His mother was Sarah Boling, who was the oldest of five children, Jane, Mitchell, John and Rachel(who married James Pickens).

Pearce, Suttles, Settles

James Madison Pearce married Adeline E. Suttles in Mississippi. Their son, James Madison, married Mollie Seamon Boling in LeFlore County, OK. The Suttles/Settles family has been traced back toBarwick-in-Elmet, a small community near Leeds, in the United Kingdom.