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Joe and Bill STandridge
Both sons of Howard Standridge

Joe Standridge in over alls. Samuel William Standridge in khakis. These brothers did not know each other until they were grown men.
Joe Standridge @ Rootsweb

Howard Standridge had three sons to grow to manhood. Alonzo was born in November, 1895. His mother was Melinda Cavin. Samuel William, who the Arkansas folks called Bill, was born in February 17, 1895. Since Shrilda left Howard with her family before Bill Standridge was born. Bertha Viola Young (Shrilda's sister) was born at Quincy, Newton County, AR in 1893. Samuel William Standridge was born in Arkansas but the family had probably left Newton County by then or Shrilda had just left Howard and moved home with her father, Samuel Houston Young. I think Howard lived again with Melinda Cavin after she left. Joe Howard Standridge was born in 1904 and his mother was Mary Humphrey.

Samuel William Standridge's mother was Shrilda Young. Shrilda Ann Young was the daughter of Samuel Houston and Christina Durfee Young. Shrilda married Joseph Alfred Leftwich in Texas and had two daughter, Thelma Ellen and Eva. She is listed on the 1900 Armour, Limestone, Texas, census of that year. She is listed as Shrilda Standridge and her son is listed as William Standridge, age 5 born in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Standridges did not meet Bill until he was grown. This picture was taken in the 1940s. Bill stayed overnight with Granny Renfroe. His wife was Lois Faye Lewis at this time. He married first to Jo Stout and had a son, William Drake Standrige. Jo died before 1930, perhaps at the birth of William Drake.

I am seeking information about the Samuel William Standridge family and the Shrilda Young Standridge Leftwich Riddle families.

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