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Howard & Mary Humphrey Standridge
Taken about 1917

Howard and Mary Humphrey Standridge
Howard holding Bea Bane and Mary, Etta Rhea
Howard Standridge @ Rootsweb

Howard Standridge, a true mountain man, pictured here with the babies he told the Pope County Judge about. He grandchildren testify that he did not drink the moonshine that he made except at night in a "hot toddy". Maybe in his younger days he did, but by the 1930s, he was not a drinking man. He hunted, fished, trapped, farmed, and made moonshine as a money crop. Granny Ada Renfroe helped with the corn crop knowing the money from selling the whiskey would be used to support the family. Bea Bane was handicapped. Etta Rhea was crippled. Howard told the Pope County Judge that he would stop making the corn liqour if he could find another way to care for his family. Granny could remember him going to prison. He was allowed to go in the winter months so he could plant and get in his crop.

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