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Jones--Carey Family
Left to right, foreground: Leroy Ayers and Rosetta Carey Jones (husband and wife),
Lamon and Lillie Lee Jones Cox (husband and wife),
In background: J. D. Cox, Noble Jones, Dorthy Patrick
About 1942

Rosetta is the daughter of Thomas and Jamina C. Roberts Jones Carey. Leroy is the son of Thomas B. Jones. Lillie is Leroy's sister.
Jamina and Martin Jones had one daughter who lived to adulthood. She was Sarah Ann Jones Blaylock. Tom and Jamina had Rosetta Carey. Sarah and Rosetta were half sisters. Tom Jones comes from the Jones line of James and Mary Standridge Jones. Sherlyn Greaves believes he is the son of William Jones. We have a friendly disagreement about Tom Jones parentage.
Mary Standridge @ Rootsweb Jamina Jones Jamina's Daughter

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